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Elderly woman ADOPTED street child but never imagined who she would become

Dania maria, like every day, together with her husband, left her house in a hurry Julian. Her husband had been driving very early in the morning for many years to drop maria off at his work and immediately arrive at her work, which was more or less nearby Dania. Maria was a lawyer and worked in one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. On the other hand, her husband julian, was a renowned mathematician who worked as a lecturer in one of the best universities in the country. After many years, one Sunday they sat down to talk about life as usual on their beautiful balcony.

With a wonderful view of the city, then maria commented it’s almost dusk tomorrow we must get up very early and run into our jobs immediately after saying it, julian was very surprised and said: woman. I’Ve been hearing that phrase for several years. Now it’s always the same monday comes and our life ends and starts again on sunday, we’re already old you’re about to turn 55 and i’m 58.

Our son, diego already, has a wife and he’s going to have his first child soon. Don’T you think we should enjoy ourselves more hearing, this maria felt that what julian was saying was true, so she answered. What do you suggest, julian, that we quit our jobs and live on retirement and enjoy ourselves and our son and grandson for as long as we have left to live the next day?

Maria mentioned that it was the last week of work, and so did julian. Both separately receive different kinds of recognition and when sunday came, they both hugged each other cried and said. Finally, now let’s enjoy traveling meeting nature and create a world just for the two of us with schedules we want, so they did. The years began to pass and they both lived very happily. They received the news that their grandson had been born, and so they went to the riviera maya for vacation and even planned to go to europe the following summer, while they were shopping at the supermarket.

A lady approached him and asked for help, so she could eat rosa as an expert lawyer didn’t decide to give them anything. Since the woman had enough strength to work due to her youth. But when she looked down the window she saw that she was holding the hand of a little girl of about four years old. The color of the traffic light changed and julian continued on his course. But nothing could take rose’s mind off the image of the innocent, hungry and thirsty child.

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That is why, besides the thing she needed to buy, she bought food and milk for the poor – kid maybe they’re orphans. Maybe they have nowhere to leave their daughter. That’S why she can’t work rosa said to herself julian supported her to buy food and give it to them and when they arrived, the woman thanked them for all they’d done. But we don’t only need this. We also need a place to stay since we sleep on the street.

She said rosa very sad about the situation, wanted to give them money, but julian wouldn’t let her he told him. He would get her a place. Then he promised to return. Why didn’t you? Let me help said rosa to which she answered rosa.

If i were in your place, i would be grateful for the food, but seeing the expression of that woman. She only wanted money. She didn’t care about the food rosa, so he thought the same thing. However, she had a lot of feelings for that. Little girl she left holding the hand of a supposedly bad mother.

A few days passed and rosa got up to prepare julian’s breakfast as usual, but something struck her julian shouted rosa. It hurts rosa, left everything lying there and ran to see julian, but it was too light. Julian was already lying on the floor in despair, rosa embraced him and began to cry saying: don’t leave me you’re my life partner. We still have so many plans. The ambulance arrived and julian was taken to the nearest hospital rosa, accompanied julian, during the whole trip and with difficulty.

He took a breath and took rose’s hand. Sorry, he said i can’t accompany you anymore. Please smile. I want to see your smile roses smiled with tears in her eyes, and julian said, after seeing so many smiles around the world. I still think that yours is my favorite rosa began to cry.

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She hugged her husband and told him keep being as sweet and kind as always see you later, and that was his last breath. Rosa cried a lot for the death of her husband, her son, his wife and grandson, accompanied her in her pain, rosa moved to live with her son and family since the pain of losing such a loved one. As her husband was great. She realized that it was not best to remain hidden so as not to think and decided to leave her son’s house in return home on the way home. She met that woman again who, as soon as she saw her, approached her and said, please, i entrusted my daughter to you.

I have to go get money that my family has deposited with me, but it’s a long way and i can’t carry her she’s already five years old and she’s very heavy rosa accepted and stayed playing with a little girl in her car hours passed and her mother. Never returned rosa took her home and every day she passed by that street next to the traffic light. However, that awful mother was never heard from again rosa realized that her life changed that, together with a girl, she felt much more strength and love. To give that’s why she decided to adopt her her son as soon as he found out was angry because he didn’t agree with her picking up children from the straight rosa without paying attention legalized little roxy as her daughter anyway, and as the years went by rose’s Son distanced himself from her because he saw his mother as crazy and deranged for raising a straight child. Roxy was already 16 years old.

She was raised with love under the care and tutelage of dania rosa and roxy called her mother, knowing the truth, all her life that little girl lived happily next to a good woman. However, sad since because of her, she was estranged from her son and grandson. Well, that’s what she thought: roxy was a very dedicated and intelligent child. That is why she studied medicine and with three years to go, she won a scholarship to study in germany specializing in cardiology. She didn’t want to go since she wanted to stay with her mother.

Rosa but she thought that if she left she would make peace with her son who never visited without saying anything, roxy left it would only be three years she told herself. She left a letter to dania rosa thanking her for everything and promised to return. Rosa cried, but she had no faith that she would see roxy again and when her son found out what had happened, he told her. You see, raise crows and they’ll take out your eyes. As the saying goes that ungrateful woman, she was just an opportunist.

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You spend all your retirement on her education, and this is how she repays you. He repeated rosa once again felt alone in a sea of worries about how to pay for her services and food. Her son supported her with what he could, but she didn’t want to ask him, since he always rubbed her face in her actions towards that little girl from the street two years went by and donna rose’s grandson was diagnosed with a heart condition, which was not getting Enough oxygen in his blood, the doctors had already given up dania rosa and her son prayed in a chapel for the life of her grandson, who was about to die and they didn’t have enough money to transfer him to a better hospital rosa asked herself was. I right to spend my money on roxy. They fell asleep, praying and woke up the next day.

A nurse told him a doctor wanted to see them a doctor said rose’s son, but it was a doctor who saw my son already. They both ran to see what was going on and suddenly roxy came out in her white coat. Looked at them and said the operation was a success and everything settled i specialized in cardiology in germany, and this operation is very common there mommy rosa. I came back for you now. I have enough money to make you the happiest woman in the world.

I owe you my life and i love you. Rose’S son asked her for forgiveness for his behavior and hugged roxy thanking her for saving his son’s life. Rosa lived her last days, traveling around the world and roxy was very well received by her half brother who loved her and took care of her from all danger.

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