During Deployment, Veteran Suddenly Sees Wife’s Face on Video Chat and Suspects Her of Infidelity

The soldier’s footsteps were as silent as the grave when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of his troop. In a split second, he accidentally saw his wife’s face on a fellow soldier’s video chat.

Post under MrGimp858the veteran turned to Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” forum—a treasure trove of thrilling revenge stories—to describe a plight that made him paranoid after seeing his dear wife on a video chat with his friend.

Although the situation seemed to escalate, the Redditor decided to keep calm, pretended as if nothing had happened, and awaited the right moment to crack the mystery.

The veteran kept calm & focused on his work while his wife’s infidelity provoked him to plot revenge. | Source: Shutterstock

In 2013, the Original Poster (OP) had just been transferred to a different unit in North Carolina. He hoped he would be finally deployed to Afghanistan after the mountainous load of training and classes, which were a norm for mariners being sent overseas.

OP was the only sergeant in his troop, and around six months before his deployment, he befriended Joe, his senior-most corporal. The two often hung out, enjoyed BBQs, partied with families, and made the best of times together.

Six months after vigorous training, OP and Joe were sent to Afghanistan, the land of never-ending sand. Four months into his deployment here, OP got a weird feeling about his wife’s lack of time for him. She was never available on the phone or messengers when he wanted. He thought it was strange.

OP thought it was strange when his wife was often unavailable to talk to him or message him. | Source: Unsplash

OP was preoccupied with work, and amid the thought of his wife’s sudden unavailability hounding him, he made an unsettling discovery. OP crept to his pre-engineered building that housed no more than eight troopers. Nobody knew he was coming and were busy with whatever they were doing.

He stalked his friend on random days whenever he left work early or went out to make a call.

The Redditor asserted that his quiet walking style was a unique skill he’d gained from sneaking past his veteran father, who ensured nobody crept behind his back. Just as he opened the door, he saw his wife’s face on Joe’s video chat. OP was dumbfounded but couldn’t jump to any conclusion.

The veteran found his wife’s face on Joe’s video chat. | Source: Pexels

Joe realized OP had arrived after he heard him slam the door shut. From that day forward, OP played it cool. He pretended he didn’t know anything while still aware of how his best friend and wife spent time talking and chatting with each other.

He noted down his revenge, but before things escalated, it was time up for flying home. While it should’ve been a bittersweet moment of reunion between OP and his wife, the homecoming turned sour. However, OP kept his suspicions at a standstill and enjoyed his time with his family and 2-year-old son.

Even while home with their families, the veterans were expected to undergo several classes and medical tests. Unexpectedly, OP noticed Joe missing from most of the courses due to random reasons. OP thought it was weird considering how the other troopers attended all their medical screening and classes.

OP followed his gut feeling about his assumptions of Joe’s whereabouts during his absence from the training. He stalked Joe on random days whenever he’d leave work early or went out to make a call. Unsurprisingly, OP found Joe’s car parked outside his house on all occasions.

OP discovered Joe’s affair with his wife. | Source: Pexels

Joe downright denied the accusations when OP confronted him. At a point, even OP thought he had gotten the wrong picture and instead started gathering evidence. A few days later, OP brought it up before his Battalion Sergeant Major. Over a week later, OP got called into the Battalion Commander’s office for a serious discussion.

The findings proved Joe’s extramarital affair with OP’s wife. When asked what he wanted, OP boldly told his superiors: “I WANT HIS RANK.” Shortly after, justice was served to OP. Joe lost his rank, was summoned to surrender half a month’s pay for two months, and was bombarded with restrictions and over time.

Shortly after, OP learned that Joe had lost his Sergeant rank while deployed in the States. Amid his delight over his wrongdoer’s downfall, OP tried to save his marriage for his son’s sake but eventually realized it was a huge mistake.

Joe lost his rank & was bombarded with additional punishment for wronging his fellow veteran. | Source: Pexels

Shortly after he was deployed in San Diego, OP thought the dust had finally settled in his life. However, his wife once again flew to Joe’s place to meet him again. After finding out, OP was compelled to end their marriage and remained deployed on the ship where he met his new partner.

After reading OP’s post, people flocked to the comments box to share their support and similar grievances. Among them was Redditor Mean_Possibility_526, who felt relieved for OP and confessed a similar plight. The person stated:

“Ah yes, yet another marine who got betrayed by the band of brothers [expletive]. Well, at least your commander took your situation seriously. Mine got swept under the rug.”

OP ended his marriage with his wife after she failed to win his trust again. | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, some people like Redditor Senior Evidence4642 were curious to know what OP intended to do with his son. “What about your child? Who will seek custody?” the person questioned.

OP asserted that he’d gotten custody of his son, and since the boy was born in 2011, he predicted there was zero chance of him being Joe’s. “I now live happily in the western slope of Colorado, far away from her (his wife),” he concluded.

The soldier got custody of his son & lived a peaceful life in Colorado far away from his wife. | Source: Unsplash

Would you keep calm like OP after seeing your partner on your friend’s video chat, considering you had no idea they talked to each other behind your back?

OP said he never confronted his friend Joe despite knowing how he and his wife constantly talked and chatted with each other behind his back. However, he recounted plotting his revenge at the time. How would you react to seeing your best friend spending time with your spouse without your knowledge?

Would you give your partner another chance to mend their mistake and prove they’re no longer unfaithful to you?

OP stated he gave his wife a final chance to rectify her ways and prove that she still wanted to save their marriage after her affair with Joe came to light. But she failed to keep her word and tried to celebrate her romance with Joe again, thus provoking OP to end their marriage. Would you forgive your partner for cheating on you? How will you react to finding out they’re still unfaithful to you?

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