Don’t shot my mom said the little one! Then he opens his eyes & got shocked

Don’T shoot my mom said the little one, then he opened his eyes and got shocked. Why did you have to do that dear couldn’t? You have waited for the reinforcements to arrive, suzanne kept repeating standing by the coffin covered with the national flag, but the woman could no longer get the answer to her question.

Since her husband died, a heroic death fighting for justice, the funeral had everything the respectful speeches by the edge of the grave and the dozen rifled salute in memory of the deceased police officer. Susan didn’t remember much of the funeral or the wake she came to her senses only when she realized that something strange was happening to her body at first it was the dizziness and the Nausea, but Susan attributed it to stress that she went through.

Nevertheless, the woman decided to dot the eyes and cross the t’s and got a pregnancy test. The results were shocking. Oh lord, i’m actually pregnant. Now. How am i supposed to raise a child alone?

Oh mick, how could you be so cruel Susan exclaimed holding her head in her hands? The unfortunate woman couldn’t stomp the thoughts and images from swirling in her head, showing her the bleak future she was in, for this was partially due to the fact that Susan grew up in an orphanage. So she had no relatives that could help her.

The woman never got along with mixed parents because they did not like her orphaned, daughter-in-law and treated her with undisguised contempt. Mick and Susan didn’t own any property, so they lived in a small rental house downtown their young family wasn’t particularly wealthy and, after the main breadwinner of the family, had passed away.

Susan found herself in a very miserable situation. Fortunately, shortly before the death of her husband, susan got a job as a waitress in a roadside cafe. Now that job is the only means of survival for Susan, but i won’t be able to keep working for a long time i’ll start showing soon, and they will definitely fire me. Then susan thought, sadly, the poor woman was well aware that her life would be full of difficulties and hardships. On top of that, the owner of the house that susan had begun renting from had almost doubled the rent which significantly hit the lonely widower’s budget.

Now susan had to use most of her salary to pay rent and still had to think about her unborn child and her two-year-old boy, michael. Fortunately, one of the waitresses was working with susan suggested, a way out of the situation. Listen, my friend and i have an old house in the country i got from my grandmother. Unfortunately, there are virtually no amenities there, but given your situation, this might be your best option. You can live there for as long as you need, and i won’t charge you a cent for it monica offered during their short break.

Thank you very much, i’m so grateful. That would be so great trust me. I will thank you in my prayers. In addition, i will pray for your grandmother’s soul. May she rest in peace, susan whispered, with tears in her eyes for susan monica’s proposal was like the lifeline thrown at the right time to a drowning man.

The house that monica kindly provided for susan was outside the city. It took susan about an hour and a half to get there by bus, and then she had to walk for another half a mile, but when the woman saw it up close, she felt a little uneasy. The house looked more like the home from some fairy tale.

Creature with its red tiles and ivory colored walls, seeing that the house was in a very deplorable state, susan, sadly, whispered, definitely isn’t a one-day job. The house was almost as dirty inside as it was outside, taking a rag and a mop susan started by cleaning the floors and wiping the old furniture which looked almost new without all the dust it took, the woman almost the entire day to clean the house as A reward for her efforts.

Susan got an almost livable home, which she could probably even be happy in having settled in her new house. The woman immediately moved her few belongings into it. The only drawback was that it was located so far away from many settlements. Sure some people could argue that it was actually an advantage, but for a pregnant widow living in northern maine. It definitely wasn’t three months flew by while each new day seemed to be exactly like the one before leaving the house early in the morning to go to work.

Susan only returned home at dusk. At this point, the woman was clearly showing, unfortunately, her rounded belly caused a wave of indignation from the cafe owner. I’m not running a maternity ward here, susan, i’m sure our customers won’t enjoy getting served by a pregnant lady, so it would be best for you to get some other job. After hearing her boss, the poor pregnant woman couldn’t help but start crying softly. Susan was very hurt that everyone turned her away, but i didn’t do anything wrong.

Am i to blame for the death of my husband susan thought her lips trembling? Unfortunately, the woman didn’t know that it wouldn’t be the last bad news. She got that day. While susan was serving customers in the cafe, three men approached her house stealthily looking around, they were dressed in baggy overalls, vaguely reminiscent of those used by factory or construction workers. Well, what do you think?

Should we stay here? It looks like an empty house. Let’S take a little rest and then we’ll hit the road again when it gets dark. The oldest of them suggested you’re, so terrified that you see a detective behind every bush. The third man mocked him.

The strangers turned out to be fugitives, who made a daring escape from the state county jail on their way. Frank, jim and henry also robbed a federal bank and got a significant amount of money of this trio. Only jim brooks was not a hardened criminal. He actually went to prison on false charges. Unfortunately, due to his young age and inexperience, he agreed to take part in the escape unaware that it would end in a bank robbery and now hiding from justice.

Jim was forced to wander through the forest of maine. Knowing that the stolen money would be enough for several years of a comfortable life, while the man got lost in his rosy thoughts, his accomplices kicked out the door and entered susan’s house having opened the refrigerator. The fugitive criminals were shocked by the fact that there was nothing there. Besides, a carton of milk. What kind of beggar lives here she doesn’t even have a piece of bread in her house.

Michael screams, please don’t shot. My mom susan had already taken sleeping pills. Henry exclaimed indignantly, judging by the clothes in the closet, a young woman lives. Here i also saw a picture of a police officer in a black frame in the bedroom. I think that she’s either the sister or wife of this dead cop, the young man, had already guessed that the woman living in this house was beyond poor, taking advantage of the fact that his accomplices were busy further inspecting the premises.

Jim took several tight packs of money from his jacket and placed them in the drawer table. At the same time, the man accidentally stumbled upon a photo of susan, whose face looked very beautiful and feminine. Let this money, do you some good, the man whispered, afraid of being heard by his accomplices. The fugitives took some of the money they stole to help them get by for the time being.

Most of it, however, they buried in the dense forest and swore an oath not to touch it until things calmed down, but jim felt that this money was unlikely to be used to him, because he knew perfectly well that they would get caught soon.

Jim apologized to the boy and asked him to go back to sleep and don’t tell his mom what he saw. The fugitive spent only a few hours in susan’s house after which they set off again. However, despite all the precautions taken by the more experienced prisoner, frank, the trio was detained at the state line four days after their escape. Now the fugitives were waiting for the court date and we’re going to get an even more severe punishment for the escape and the arm bank robbery. Meanwhile, susan had no idea who exactly was at her house but did find the money in her desk drawer.

There was so much of it that even just seeing such an amount made her feel dizzy. Susan didn’t know what she was supposed to do in a situation like this, so she simply decided to keep the money i’ll be a mother soon. So i’ll use this money on my child, the woman thought seeing it as a sign of divine providence. Of course, at this point, susan had no way of knowing that the money was left for her by the fugitive name. Jim seven years have passed in that time.

The life of susan had changed a lot having given birth to a beautiful son, the woman named her baby mick in honor of his late father. Susan used the money left for her by jim to make her dream come true. Having built several greenhouses, she took up the cultivation and sale of fresh flowers. The business went uphill quickly and began to bring in a good profit for the single mother. Susan didn’t only buy her friend’s house, but also renovated it.

Meanwhile, the woman didn’t let men into her life as if waiting for her prince on a white horse. One day there was a soft knock on the door of susan’s house wondering who it could be. The woman opened the door and saw a strange man. It was a young man with early gray hair at the temples and sad gray eyes. Hi, my name is jim.

Would you mind if i came in the stranger asked politely susan raised an eyebrow in surprise, but let her guest into the kitchen over a cup of fragrant tea, jim told her. What had happened seven years ago back then jim was on the run, but it was him who left the money in the drawer for the owner of this house. The man served the sentence for his crimes and was released from prison three days ago.

During all this time, jim couldn’t stop thinking about the woman he saw in the photograph he found in the desk drawer, and now, seven years later, the man decided to visit the woman who he’d helped by leaving her some money, since both of his accomplices died in Prison john became a millionaire and the sole owner of the money buried in the forest. After listening to the inconsistent story of her guest susan thought for a moment and then said, thank you you’re a kind person who got into a difficult situation.

Your money saved my life and my child’s life. You were justly punished for your crimes. I don’t blame you and i’d like to consider you my friend, you can stay at my house for as long as you need upon hearing susan out, jim was on cloud nine.

After all, he was finally with the person he’d been thinking about for seven long years, having decided to stay at susan’s house for just a few days. John ended up staying there forever and little mick was the happiest about it, as he finally found a father in the person of the peasant man with sad gray eyes and a big kind heart

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