Dangerous Playground Stunt Leaves A Boy Looking Like ‘An Alien’ – This Is His Story

We all do silly things as kids. After all, part of growing up is learning when to say no to something that sounds dangerous. Unfortunately, children are susceptible to peer pressure and the like, even the most intelligent of youngsters, can be coerced and convinced to partake in stunts that promise dire consequences. Just ask the parents of 11 year old boy, Tyler Broome, who made headlines all over the Internet when he was forced into a so-called roundabout of death, while at the playground the incident left him with serious injuries. Tyler looked like an alien according to his mother, Don hollingworth and he spent months in the hospital after the dangerous stunt.

Now Tyler’s mother wants to warn all parents about the dangerous game in the hopes that it won’t happen again. We’Ve all been sheltered, growing up is part of learning from your mistakes. No one does everything perfectly in one time Or Another, We’re guilty of doing something that couldn’t exactly be called a good idea, such as putting a hand on a hot stove or climbing a train, though we all have done stupid things as children. There’S one thing that should never be acceptable: bullying peer pressure is a tough thing to stand up to as a child, especially if the people involved are older than you. It’S easy to talk about standing up for yourself in hindsight, but I believe that most of us can agree that when you’re young, it’s not as easy as it seems to say no, some cases of peer pressure can involve dangerous things, even the most bright and intelligent Kid can be convinced to do something that is very serious consequences.

A perfect example is the case of 11 year old, Tyler Broome. He wanted to show a group of teenage kids how Fearless he was. His mother has labeled that group as bullies Tyler climbed into a playground roundabout in tuxford Nottinghamshire England, while the other boy subjected him to high G-Force by the wheel of a motorbike. It ended badly for Tyler who was found unconscious, close to the roundabout, with possible damage to his brain and vision. It was believed that the 11 year old boy had been subjected to the sort of G-Force, usually only encountered by astronauts and Pilots.

I don’t recognize my child. Fortunately, a decent land found Tyler passed out and quickly ran for help. The other teenagers, meanwhile had shamefully cleared off Tyler’s eyes were left bulging and bloodshot weeks later. He still had blurred vision was on anti-inflammatory medication, fluid and blood had been forced into the youngster’s brain bursting blood vessels and leaving him with bulging eyes and damaged Vision. According to the independent Tyler had been at a local park with a friend when they were approached by a group of older teenagers who dared them to take part in the game.

I don’t recognize my child he’s on the verge of having a stroke. Tyler sat on the roundabout and the boy who came over was about 17

Tyler doesn’t know him they’re, not friends. Mom Don hollingworth said is reported by the independent he puts his motorbike on the floor gets the roundabout spinning at such a speed when they all stubbed a boy just cleared off. That’S bullying Don claimed that the hospital staff had never seen such injuries and had to undertake research before they were able to begin trading her son. While he was recovering in the hospital she took the time to thank all the well-wishers for their support.

People have been wishing him well and asking if there’s anything that can be done. Tyler’S mother said other people have said. We can’t watch and then have sent messages of loveliness around 99 percent of comments that we’ve got have been lovely. There are lovely messages from people, you’ve never met and I’ve been replying and thanking them for taking the time to care. The shocking footage of Tyler circulated online.

The poor boy appeared to have passed out during the ride, but the Elder boys didn’t appear to realize and continue to rev the motorbike’s engine. According to the BBC, a 16 year old boy was questioned under caution and a moped was seized. What may have seemed like a bit of fun at the time has turned into an incident where an 11 year old boy has received horrific injuries. Chief and spender Randy Rook told the BBC. We hope that this incident and the severity of the boy’s injuries serve as a strong warning to anyone thinking about recreating something they’ve seen online a month after the tragic event, Tyler Broome’s mother gave a new update on her son.

At that time it was still being treated in hospital for the horrendous injuries he sustained Tyler’s mother said that the swelling was going down, but he still had blurred vision. The family hoped that would go away as the swelling disappeared, he’s heading in the right direction. Don hollingworth told a Daily Star Tyler’s, really grateful for the messages too, and it’s kept me strong at the hospital she added pleading for children not to take part in the dangerous stunt online. Just don’t do it. It may be fun for two seconds, but that can turn to tragedy.

So don’t do it. When Christmas arrived, Tyler was close to making a full recovery. In reflection, the boy has gotten a better perspective on just how close he actually was to passing away. His mother said that Tyler has refused to watch watch the video he hasn’t seen it once, though, the physical injuries haven’t. Given him scars for Life, Tyler was left with mental problems.

He needed regular counseling sessions to fully fathom what had really gone down. Our concern now is how he recovers from the incident mentally, but we won’t see how much it will affect him until he gets older. His mother dawn said after months, Tyler had been able to move on with his life. He was still taking regular counseling sessions, but had managed to resume an active life that was critical in his recovery. He enrolled in a local rugby team, where the coaches made sure he didn’t suffer any bad head injuries.

The only thing you can do as a parent is just take it in your stride and hope this doesn’t affect his adult life. Don said, despite the fact that Tyler’s mother shared both videos and pictures of Tyler’s injuries following the dangerous roundabout of death stunt videos of children, doing the same thing have emerged online since, according to Lincolnshire, live a boy from wigan’s, sustained headaches and red spots around his Eyes which doctors said was due to spinning. Apparently, he too had been asked to join in the game by older children at a park. I cannot believe that incidents like this are still happening. Don said, when photos showed the extent of my son’s injuries, I thought that would stop children from ever doing this again, I demanded more internet regulation back in September, but nothing seems to have moved since then, as perdon’s Facebook page, it seems like Tyler’s eyes, have fully Recovered after the horrific incident, we hope that everyone, both children and adults, understand that such stunts are very dangerous.