Dad sees Baby’s face on Ultrasound and Files for Divorce The pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise to the young couple. The last six years had been rough on their relationship and they were drifting apart. What was supposed to be a happy moment was far from it for Angela low. His heart was pounding when he glanced at his wife laying on the ultrasound table. He was no fool.

He knew that something was up.

Angelo met Katie in their last year of college and they dated for two years before tying the knot. They’d been happily married for nine years and had two beautiful, lively boys. Taylor was five years old and Brandon was nine. They’ve been trying for four years to have another baby. Katie desperately wanted a girl and it became a bit of an issue.

Angelo and Katie lived in Orange County, California. They both had high-paying jobs and lived in nice areas. Life should have been great, but it wasn’t for Angelo.

Having two boys was enough for him. Sure, he wanted to grow the family and have a baby girl, but it wasn’t a big issue for him if they couldn’t. But for Katie it was. Katie had become distressed and anxious over the years. After four years of trying to conceive and failing, she knew something was wrong.

But when she went for a medical checkup, the doctor insisted everything looked fine. Angela was reluctant to get checked at first, but when he finally went, he told Katie that everything was fine with him too. Another two years passed before Katie found out that she was finally pregnant. When she told Angelo, he was completely shocked. He didn’t think it would ever happen.

The pregnancy came as a big surprise for the couple, but a much needed one. Their relationship was dwindling and was struggling to keep it together. For the past six years, Katie dealt with her pregnancy with extreme attention and precision. She followed every piece of advice and attended every doctor’s appointment without fault. Her baby was now the most precious thing in her life that she needed to protect.

It was all she hoped for half a decade, but her pregnancy wasn’t done with its surprises. When Katie attended her most recent appointment, the doctor looked a little worried. He told her to come back the following week to see a specialist and he wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. She went home a nervous wreck. Angelo comforted her and demanded she let him go with her to the next one, and she eagerly agreed.

She didn’t like him booking time off work to do a general routine checkup, but for this she needed him there. Little did she know she should have kept him far away. Angela waited nervously for the doctor to explain what was happening, he prompted. Katie up on the band, preparing her for the ultrasound. It’d be better if I showed you instead of telling you.

With that, he turned on the screen and pointed at the screen. There, he said. Suddenly Angelo realized something was seriously wrong. Do you see that tiny face you’re having twins, he happily said. A boy and a girl.

Katie couldn’t believe it. She gasped loudly before bringing her hands up to her face and crying tears of immense joy. But for Angelo, his whole world suddenly fell upside down. His heart pounded violently. He looked at Katy in shock and stormed out of the room as soon as Angelo recognized another face and the doctor told him there was not only one boy, which they’d assumed, but a girl as well.

He knew foul play was involved. What Katie didn’t know was that Angelo lied to her. When he went to that medical checkup two years ago, he was told that the likelihood of him becoming a father again was very low and that he had a rare condition. Angelo’s hardhitting realization had dawned on him slowly at first, but as he stood looking at the elder sounds, everything came crashing down. He replayed his life with Katie and looked at every detail with fresh eyes.

He remembered times when some of her behavior, in retrospect, should have set off alarm bells. He felt sick. This couldn’t be happening. Had there been a scandal going on right underneath his roof? If there had been, Angelo had been too blind to notice.

After all, he worked late most nights, too. He hadn’t batted an eye when Katie called him late one night from a hotel in London to tell him her flight had been delayed. Angelo snorted and disgusted. It was a work trip, she’d said. But there were other details emerging that he hadn’t thought much of until now.

In the general population, identical twin pregnancies occur zero point 45% of the time, or one in 250 births. People who are twins tend to conceive twins, and it’s also a well known fact that using fertility treatments increases the likelihood of having twins. Had Katy realized they were having fertility problems because of him and done something about it. After all, they’d been trying for six years when Katie finally fell pregnant again. And then there was his family’s curse.

Angelo always knew he could only have baby boys. It ran in his family his father, his father’s father, and even his father before that had only produced boys. From a scientific standpoint, though, he was lucky that he already had two kids. With his condition, Angelo hadn’t told Katie the truth. He’d been terrified that she’d ended and their family would be left broken.

But those babies weren’t his. He began to shake. When Angelo had gone to see a doctor two years prior, his world had come crashing down. When the question of fertility came up, the doctor explained that he had an extremely low sperm count, and further tests would need to determine why. After hormone testing and a chromosome analysis, the results stunned even the doctor.

Now that Angelo had the results, everything started to make sense. In a followup appointment, the doctor explained that people with this extremely rare condition very rarely conceived children. Angelo remembered his struggles as a child. He was always sick, anxious, and had difficulty concentrating in school. Now he knew why, and he was slowly coming to grips with his disease at the worst time possible.

Angelo had Kleinfelter syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder that meant he had an extra chromosome. Humans have 46 chromosomes, including their two sex chromosomes, that determine their sex. Women have two X chromosomes, and men have an X and a Y chromosome. Xy. Angelo had one extra copy of the X chromosome, which meant he was XXY.

But what does this all mean for him? Because Angelo was born with an extra copy of the genes on the X chromosome, the doctor was 99% sure he couldn’t have any more children. It had gone undiagnosed his whole life. In fact, it was a miracle that he’d previously conceived not one, but two kids. So then how was his wife now pregnant?

He was livid when he found out that Katie was pregnant, he was shocked because he knew how unlikely it was. He assumed it was a boy. But when he found out they were having twins, one being a girl, he knew for certain there was no way those babies were his. He kept his silence until the kids were born. Then he did something drastic.

As soon as the babies were born, he asked Katie to do a DNA test on the twins. Immediately, her face went pale. She quickly recovered and asked him if he was accusing her of something, but she couldn’t fool him. Before the couple left the hospital with the twins, Angelo asked the doctor to do a DNA test. As a married parent sharing equal custody of his so called twins, he had every right.

It took two weeks for the results to come back. During that time, Angelo told Katie he was leaving her. Katie was left stunned when he finally told her the truth about his test results from the medical checkup two years ago. He told her what the doctor told him. Katie stood frozen when she confessed.

Of course the twins are yours, no matter what the sign says. Katy said Angela was incredulous. He couldn’t believe she was flat out denying everything. Okay. He thought if Katie wanted to play hardball, he would go play.

He couldn’t be with a woman who cheated on him, so he filed for a divorce. Katie didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t believe what had happened. Now they were living separately and preparing for a divorce. That’s when the DNA results came back, just as Angelo suspected the twins weren’t his.

He confronted Katie angrily, demanding an explanation. Then she finally cracked. Katie admitted that she had been seeing another man throughout their marriage and to add insult to injury, Angela had even met him in passing. The man worked with her and even traveled with her abroad for work meetings. So then the chances that the other two medical miracle sons were actually his were almost zero.

What could he do? Angelo decided to seek out advice from a lawyer. After undergoing a battery of tests, it was confirmed that he was indeed incapable of fathering children. The next step was to obtain DNA samples from his two other sons. Angelo believed that children define who you are.

So not only had he been diagnosed with a rare disease, but he now suspected that he didn’t actually have any children.