Cops Respond to a Call and Find Three Hungry Children

What is a policeman’s job chasing robbers and catching serial killers like in all the cop shows? Sometimes a policeman’s job has very little to do with car, chases and handcuffs and a lot to do with spaghetti bolognese. That is what police officers Paul Duchesne and Jeremy sichton discovered when they were called for a wellness check. On a Saturday night, a woman, had called and told dispatch that she had seen an ambulance neighbor halfway through the afternoon, but all the lights in the house were still on. The woman was sure the neighbor’s family was away and that the children were with their grandmother for the weekend, and she was very worried that someone might have broken in officer Paul, knocked on the door and said police.

Please open the door. There was a long long silence, then a voice said. Are you really the police? Yes officer? Paul said we were called by a neighbor to check that everything was all right.

Please open the door. The Voice, which sounded younger by the minute said. How do I know you’re, really the police mom said: don’t open the door to strangers. Officer Jeremy, who is the father of four kids said we have badges, I’m Jeremy and my partner is Paul. Can you please call the adult who’s looking after you, it was an even longer silence than the voice said.

We don’t have an adult. The ambulance took mommy away. We Paul said to Jeremy there’s more than one kid. Please open the door. Jeremy said: look I’m holding up my badge to the peephole.

I’M Too Short The Voice on the other side said. I can’t reach the people without a bench hold on, sounds of Little Feet running then a strange scraping, sound, I’m looking the voice said so. Jeremy held up his badge again: okay, I’m opening the door. Another scraping sound, told the officers. The kid had dragged the bench out of the way.

Then the door opened cautiously. A six-year-old was standing there in jeans and a dirty t-shirt. Hi Paul said gently and hunkered down to be on the kid’s level, I’m Paul. What’S your name Anna, she said who’s that the kid pointed a sticky finger at Jeremy. That’S my partner he’s a police officer too.

His name is Jeremy. So tell me Anna how come you’re, not alone, I’m not alone Anna said scornfully, Brady and Julene are with me how old are Brady and Julina as Jeremy gently Brady’s three and julina’s two Anna said, I’m the oldest the neighbors said your mom was taken to the Hospital Paulson where’s, your daddy daddy, works on a rig, but he only comes back next month and explained. Aren’T you supposed to be with your grandmother, ask Paul remembering what the neighborhood said she brought us back this morning and mom was so happy to see us, but then she fell and hurt herself and his little lips started trembling in her eyes, filled with tears, britty And Julina are hungry, so I gave them peanut butter. She said, but we’re still hungry, Jeremy and Paul looked at each other. Didn’T the paramedics, the ambulance guys know you were here I’ll.

Ask they just left you here after mommy fell, I called 9-1-1 and left the door open and said. Then I sat by Mommy, but she was really quiet and wouldn’t open her eyes. Then these men came and we hid in the pantry it from the paramedics. Jeremy asked, but why and they would have sent someone to look after you and Shrugged and looked away this one little girl in my class. She whispered, her mommy was sick and they took her away and never let her see her mommy again.

That’S not gon na happen. Paul said firmly we’ll call your grandmother and she’ll take care of you and make us some food and said relate I’m so hungry. Let’S see what we can do. Jeremy said the Two Men followed Anna into the kitchen where Brady and Julia were eating. Peanut butter out of a jar with the same spoon, both kids were covered with peanut butter and jelena’s blonde curls were plastered to her forehead.

Oh, my Paul said first thing to do is wash up Anna Jeremy asked how about the four of us go to the washroom and you all wash your hands and faces. Julina needs a clean, diaper and a set and Paul turned pale. I don’t know how to do that. He cried. I can do it Anna said proudly, but I can’t get the sticky bit to stick till the diaper stays on, while Jeremy took Brady to the bathroom to clean up Anna changed jelena’s son, diaper and cleaned her with wet wipes and then Paul fixed the tape there.

Anna said triumphantly all done Anna washed in and helped her sibling change in to clean pajamas and in the meantime, the two officers went into the kitchen right next to the wall. Phone was a list of emergency numbers, while Paul started, calling the children’s grandmother. Jeremy was inspecting the kitchen cupboards. He found a packet of spaghetti in a jar of bolognesos we’re in business. He said, Jeremy quickly, washed the dirty dishes in the sink and put a big saucepan with pasta on to boil and started heating.

The sauce Paul came back. Looking worried and the grandmother’s on the way he said, but she’ll be at least three hours. Jeremy looked at his watch in 20 minutes. Our shift is over. He said I can’t leave these kids Palm, but you go home.

No Paul said firmly I’m staying too, while Jeremy cooked dinner Paul tidied up the kitchen in the house. He sat with the three children and played with them. Man, Jeremy said dinner’s on the children and Paul walked into the kitchen to find a table set in a big dish of steaming. Spaghetti and sauce Jeremy served the kids tied napkins around their necks and invited them to dig in and digging they did. It was obvious to the two policemen that the kids were starving after dinner.

Paul went out and brought a tub of vanilla ice cream to the children’s Delight. By the time their grandmother arrived at three children were sprawled on the couch fast asleep. Thank you officers. The grandmother said: you’ve been so kind, Jeremy and Paul, replied, graciously and left. The grandmother saw the children fast, asleep and smile.

She went into the kitchen and was astounded to see everything need. As a pen. The officers had claimed everything and washed the dishes in pots and pans. The next day she came to the squad with Anna Brady and Jolene Anto. In her hand, she carried a huge sweet potato pie.

She asked for officers Paul and Jeremy, the two men blushed when they saw the grandmother in front of everyone. She said, I’m so grateful to you too. You took care of my grandchildren fed and cared for them. As far as I’m concerned, cooking and diaper changes are beyond the Call of Duty, Jeremy, grin and Paul said no ma’am to protect and serve definitely includes serving spaghetti and dishing out ice cream.