Cops Arrive to Arrest Woman Shoplifting in Grocery Store, End up Doing Something Unexpected

Officers, the woman is here the manager of the local grocery store in glendale, california pointed towards a woman. They had taken to a corner of the store away from everyone else. Three cops were called to the scene and officer charlene manson thought there might be some danger to their complete shock. The manager led them directly to a frail woman sitting on a chair with her eyes downcast. She was clutching several food items in her hands.

She refuses to give up the food she was trying to steal, but at least she sat there without a fight. The manager explained charlene frowned at her colleagues anthony gomez and fernando suarez, all right, sir, but how much was she stealing? She asked the manager a man named mr sterling, according to his name tag. Hmm, i don’t know for sure, but based on the items in her hands, it has to be around ten dollars. Mr sterling gaston looked at the officers.

Clearly he was expecting them to arrest the woman and of course that would have been the correct procedure, but there was something about this situation that didn’t sit well with charlene arresting a woman for a measly ten dollars. She looked haggard and too thin. So she approached her hello ma’am. Can you look at me? She requested leaning slightly to see from a closer angle, the woman raised her eyes to hers and their pleading look broke, charlene’s heart.

Why were you stealing these things she shook her head and uttered desperately? I’M hungry the words resonated with the two other cops and finally charlene stood up. Is it all right if i just pay for what she’s carrying she asked the manager, but but mr sterling sputtered? Aren’T you going to arrest her honestly? You guys calling us is already wasting more money than ten dollars and i’m not justifying her actions, but times are hard more and more people are going hungry in our own country, something we never imagined.

So, if you’ll allow it, i’m going to pay charlene continued using her authoritative voice. Finally, the manager agreed, although he was angry about this situation, he didn’t seem like the most compassionate person in the world, but charlene shrugged him off. She leaned toward the woman again and asked ma’am i’m gon na pay for those. Can you give them to me? The frail lady looked up in surprise and asked really to which charlene nodded with a tiny smile.

She passed the items into her hands and charlie went to the cashier, as the manager stated, the total was just about ten dollars and seven cents and the items consisted of bread, milk, two cans of tuna, two cans of baked beans and a pack of shredded cheese. It seemed criminal to charlene that someone couldn’t afford these simple items. The three cops exited the store and charlene asked the lady, her name miriam and thank you so much. She answered in a small voice, okay maryam, why don’t you? Let me drive you to your house.

She suggested and guided the woman towards the police car she had taken. One squad, car and her colleagues were in another, so she told the men to return to their duties and she would drive the frail. Lady home miriam gave her an address, which was only a few miles and revealed that she lived with her old mom in a rented attic. It was an old house that had been converted into several apartments, and the loft was all these two women could afford. What about social security?

Other government assistance charlene wondered when they arrived and she got out of the car with the lady miriam led her into the separate entrance to the attic and the conditions were so terrible that charlene almost cried, which she maintained her composure. They saw that midiam’s mother was sleeping and tried to keep their voice down for her sink. My mother’s social security pays our rent, but i lost my job months ago and no one is hiring, but in any case i’ve had to care for her. I haven’t had time to apply for unemployment assistance or anything miriam revealed her eyes. Looking down in shame, miriam don’t be embarrassed about your situation.

Tons of people are going through hard times, but i have to remind you that stealing is not the right way to go about it. There are soup kitchens and other charities that could help you get food. Don’T you know about those charlene tried it gently. The frail woman shook her head. I had no idea, i don’t have a phone or internet to search for those things.

I had no idea where to ask or who it’s been a little hard on us. My mother can barely walk anymore and living in that attic has depressed her so much. I’Ve had other things on my mind. I understand charlene knotted, but i’m here and i’m going to help you now. Thank you.

Thank you. So much in the end, charlene called several friends, one of them handled a food pantry in town and agreed to deliver groceries to miriam and her mother. Mrs fitzpatrick. She also helped the woman apply for more government assistance and started a gofundme page to raise money thanks to the support of her friends, colleagues and even people from all over the world charlene raised enough funds to rent a tiny but better apartment for miriam and her Mother once they moved the two women, she told miriam now it’s time to find a new job, and i have an idea if you’re willing to learn. Of course, miriam agreed and charlene got her a job as a part-time police clerk at her station.

It wasn’t the best paid position, but it was something the job would help her learn: skills to apply to other places later, even after the women settled, charlene checked on them, often soon enough, they didn’t need the food pantry anymore, as miriam could afford to support them And their situation improved, but miriam welcomed the cops friendship and said she thought she and mrs fitzpatrick were alone in the world until charlene showed up, and the police officer knew that her calling went beyond stopping crime. It was about helping anyone who needed it.