Children dig up their mother’s safe when they find out what it was, it left them in Awe

Children dig up their mother’s safe when they find out what was in it. It left them in awe never give up, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn you just can’t beat the person who won’t give up, there’s no failure, except in no longer trying it always seems impossible until it’s done everything that has to happen will happen eventually, never take anything for granted, especially your loved ones. He watched his mother bury something in the garden what he discovers.

What it is he can’t stop crying adam is a ten-year-old boy who lived in a family as normal as any other was they weren’t rich? On the other hand, his parents owed the banks, insignificant sums of money and had jobs that they hated but which they were.

The only thing that kept them afloat and allowed them to give their son a decent life day by day. They went through the same crossroads as everyone else, through the same small anguish and the same great anguish. And so life was passing them by in an attempt to survive with no time left for anything, but to continue trying to keep themselves without hunger and with a roof over their heads.

Adam and his brother, Francis at their young age, knew that their parents were not happy that together, they spent some good times that then vanished in the midst of daily worries, in addition to their infinite innocence as children when they saw an abandoned dog near their house, They thought that this was what everybody needed to be happy a pet. The children had longed and dreamed of a dog, and when they saw one so close, and without an owner they did not hesitate to take it home.

When their parents came home from work, they were met with a surprise with blankets and a box. Adam and frances had already improvised a little house for their new pet and hoped that their parents reaction will be happy, as was their own. However, their parents faces did not show any emotion. They simply spoke quickly away from their sons and when they returned, they told them that they would have to take complete charge of the dog if they wanted to keep her because they were not going to clean up. After her, in addition, if he made the slightest mess, they would leave the house adam and francis promised that they would take care of her.

And although at that moment, he did not know what he was feeling they felt sorry for their parents, because they did not give themselves the opportunity to love such a noble being as this dog for the next few days. They barely looked at the poor dog and even though they jumped with excitement when they saw them coming every day it took several weeks before their parents stopped ignoring lucia the dog. It was not easy for her to win the hearts of two people who had forced each other to hide their emotions, all their lives. However, lucia had finally succeeded now they talked to her affectionately and patted her whenever she was near adam and francis were happy that their parents finally accepted her. They knew it would do them a lot of good.

Now. Lucia was part of the family too, and adam francis’s parents began to treat her as such every time they arrived. She was the center of attention and for the first time you could tell that despite everything, they were a happy family, lisa’s, tenderness and unconditional love was slowly healing their burdened hearts. However, she had not yet been with the family for a year when lucia came ill. She began to walk and eat more slowly until she stopped eating altogether.

When adam and Francis’s parents took her to the vet, they told him to do whatever it took, not to worry about the cost, but do not let the dog die. However, the first diagnosis made all the others redundant Lucia had a deadly brain tumor that would kill her. They were unable to tell adam and Francis the truth when they returned, they simply told them that the dog was suffering from stress and depression and that only by living in the open rescue shelter could she recover. In addition, although it hurt them a lot to part with her, the best thing to do was to take him to a rescue, shelter with their family and let them take care of them there, so she could recover and adam and Francis believed them. They said goodbye to lucia promising to visit her whenever they could and wishing her happiness.

Adam and Francis’s parents were crying, but the boy thought it was because they were also hurt that the dog was leaving for a rescue shelter when they had grown so fond of them. However, they were actually crying because that very day, Lucia would not be going to the farm, but to the vet to receive the injection that allowed her to rest in peace from all the pain she was feeling they were crying because their children couldn’t know the truth. Without it breaking their hearts into a thousand pieces now at least she was left with the hopes of seeing him in agony again someday. After that event, only a week later, adam and francis were already insisting that their parents go to visit lucia for several weeks. They made all sorts of excuses not to go until they didn’t know what else to tell them.

But then they asked a friend to let them visit his farm and let him lie they needed to tell the children when they got there. That lucia had escaped, and they didn’t know where she was when the children were told that their dog had escaped. Their first thought was that she was trying to get home, so they rushed their parents back because maybe lucia would be there waiting for them. Adam and francis’s parents felt a lot of pain and shame for the way they were deceiving their children, but they were not able to tell them the truth. They knew that lucia was not going to be waiting for them at home.

They knew she was never coming back and they let adam and francis hold on to the hopes of seeing their dog return someday. Therefore, the months passed, and so did the years adam and francis grew up and made their life made their home and adam. Had a son, he made many things to think about, but he never forgot lucia one day, 20 years after the last time he had seen his beloved pet dog.

He was told his brother, francis about an image that they’d never forgotten of his mother, digging a hole with a shovel in the garden and then covering it up again without anyone, knowing what she’d put there adam and francis remembered at the time they had thought She was planting a plant and had not given it any importance, but only now they realized that nothing had ever been born in that

place and for the first time in their whole life they suspected what their parents had told them about lucia in their home. Now only their father lived, their mother had died years before and when he saw adam and francis arrive, he suddenly knew immediately that he’d figured it out and let him do what he thought without hesitation, adam and francis began to dig in the place where they remembered And it wasn’t long before they found a wooden box, the box in which lucia’s bones lay, despite all the time that had passed, adam and francis, sat down next to the bones and cried as they would have cried when they were 10 years old.

If they had learned, then they cried there for so long that his father had no choice but to come out and finally face the truth that he and his wife had run away from so much. Nevertheless, to their surprise, adam and francis were not angry with them. They told their father that they were hurt to have found out so long after the fact, but that they understood their reasons that had motivated them to hide the truth. They only wished. He had realized it many years before, so that he could close.

That stage definitely and be left with only beautiful memories. Therefore, they finally said goodbye to lucia buried her again hugged their father and went home determined to let their sons finally have the pet that they had asked for so much another shocking surprise. In the garden poland citizen francis discovered some buried treasure from the second world war at his summer, cottage in north poland, the location of francis’s summer home poland was once part of the russian occupation, which explains what a metal chest was doing buried on his property. When francis shovel first hit the box, you must have assumed it was just a rock. However, a little digging revealed the chest and all its glory a few minutes after he started digging a cesspool for his outdoor toilet.

The shovel hit something metallic, which turned out to be an army field. Blocker of the third reich the box was lifted to the surface. It was not very heavy, but, judging by the sounds, there was something inside clattering. While the box was being pulled out of the hole, it was difficult to describe all the feelings when we saw this kind of message from the last century taken into the light, the box has been open using the materials at hand. The contents of the box appeared to be the baggage partial of 1944 to 1945, which was laying on the ground.

For the least 60 years. The box lid was tightly insulated with a rubber seal, so the contents of the parcel were almost unaffected by moisture in the photo glasses in a light case with a mask and the real inscription were in the center. A folded vanity case with toiletries in the pockets. Can be seen at the top, there were also gloves sweater, removable, collars, braces socks with foot bindings, dust masks and clothes brush in the box. A stack of fabric and leather for repairs was found in a large bag tied with twine at the bottom.

There was also some chemical granules with a pretty much preserved smell scattering, among the things probably to preserve them from monks at the bottom of the box. They were mocked officer’s jacket in excellent condition. The catechism symbol with two snakes wound around the stick of hermes is the symbol of a doctor. The blue line around the epaulent of the collar is the warren farb over the medical branch of here two stars on the appetite was worn by both hoopman captains and oberd rebels master sergeant, but in different styles. The style of the apple head itself made up of eight parallel lines of cloth, as well as the style of the collar insignia matches, that of a so.

It’s the uniform for a doctor of medicine and the core of medicine, with the rank of hautman or captain. In the pockets of the jacket, a replacement patch of the armed forces and a metal badge were found. Soldier’S hat with badges of rank a cap, winter hat the red card is apparently an identification card. No better quality picture is available to correctly identify the person. This and the blue card are believed to be military passes used to get through checkpoints also present reikmark’s german currency between 1924, as well as military passes, to get through frontline checkpoints.

One bill with a nominal value of five break marks: a box of cigars and two bottles of rum how life changes their fate many times, but they never forget their pet thanks for reading.

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