Bride left SHOCKED after waters break at her wedding

Bride left shocked after Waters break at her wedding, who is not excited about getting married. Most of us would be thrilled, with the exception of those under duress when their wedding was held. A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. It’s the start of a process in building a family. A wedding is the symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love to your partner.

It’s a declaration to the whole world of your unquestionable affection to your spouse. Building a great home starts with choosing your partner for life, and this is officiated in a ceremony called the wedding. A marriage right is important because it binds you to a lifetime commitment. It’s a way of openly manifesting your deep commitment to the person you choose to spend the rest of your life. It may not be the most important day to some, but to others it is.

And this is the case of Abby Greene, who is over the moon after discovering she’s pregnant. But her due date was just six days before her wedding. As new bride, Abby was enjoying her wedding reception.

The celebrations were suddenly cut short when her waters broke. The 22 year old had known it would be a close call. She was due to give birth the week before her marriage to tree surgeon Rob, 25. But baby Freddie had been in no hurry to arrive. Abby says, I’d planned to walk down the aisle days after becoming a mum, but when I passed my due date and there was still no sign of the baby, I realized I’d be waddling down the aisle very heavily pregnant.

At first it felt a bit daunting, but I was so happy to show off my bump and marrying Rob was the most important thing. She adds, We’ve been trying for a baby for so long, but when the doctor announced the due date was October 8, 2017, I was nervous. We’d booked our wedding for October 13, but I love Rob and I wanted to tie the knot as planned. After three miscarriages in three years, Abby had begun to think her dreams of becoming a mom may not come true. When Rob proposed in July 2015, it was a welcome distraction.

Abbey of Stowmarket. Suffolk says, I was over the moon. We go on holiday to Hemsby in Norfolk every year, and we were walking along the beach like on any other holiday. Only this time Rob got down on one knee. I didn’t hesitate to say yes and couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding.

I still longed for a family, but the wedding helped us both to relax about our baby plan. We did keep trying alongside planning the wedding, but for two years, nothing happened. After a third miscarriage I was referred to a specialist clinic. They were amazing. When the doctor announced I was pregnant, it was like all my Christmases had come at once, but there were no worries.

When Abby was told her due date, the couple chose to stick to the original plans but to scale back, Abby says, we’d wanted a big white wedding but decided to make it more baby friendly. We kept the arrangements for our 150 guests the same, but opted for a quieter reception. We also planned to spend our wedding night with our new baby and put off a honeymoon until later in the year. Abbey’s pregnancy went smoothly, but she was faced with the prospect of walking down the aisle 40 weeks pregnant. They married at Stowmarket register office, then were driven to the reception 9 miles away at the Chamberlain Hall in the village of Bildstone.

She says the reception was brilliant and everyone was having a blast. But at 11:00 p.m. I felt really funny. I thought I was going to wet myself and dash for the loo. But as I rushed off, water just gushed everywhere I was gobsmacked.

We joked all night about the baby arriving and suddenly it was everyone just stopped. No one knew what to do but Robin. My family sprang into action and I was bundled into our car, which was still covered in ribbons. I was still wearing my wedding dress and mascara was running down my face. I can only imagine what I look like.

The nurse’s faces said it all. When I arrived at the hospital, it must have been quite a sight. I couldn’t wait to be a wife and mother, but I hadn’t expected it all the same day. Within hours of arriving at the hospital in Ipswich, the new bride gave birth to her son at 05:35 A.m. Abby says, I thought it would take hours, but Freddie wasn’t waiting for anyone.

I didn’t even have time to take my Valentia off. Freddy was born in the early hours of the next morning and he was just perfect. My little boy weighed a whopping £9. 1oz. It was overwhelming, but such an amazing feeling to finally meet him.

Now Freddie’s six months old and Abbey is settling into married life and motherhood, she says. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Going into labor on our wedding day made it much more special. I joke with Rob that at least he won’t forget our wedding anniversary.