Story Time

An Old Man Heard Babies Crying from underground. Grabbing the shovel, he could not believe it!

When Sergeovich heard a strange cry from a tombstone, he grabbed a shovel. Then his hands dropped immediately. The moment he saw it, he was staring at something he had desperately wanted his whole life. But how could it be in a place like this while some women just want to get married and be the best mom ever? If Dokie was scared of such commitment, she didn’t want any kids.

Although her husband, SERGOVICH, wanted to start a family, he put his wife first and buried his desires for a child. Since kids were out of the way, this couple spent more time traveling the world. Each time they went on their many trips, they stayed for months in the cities. Sometimes they even lived there for a year or two before returning home in just a few years. They already had enough fun that most people wouldn’t even get to have in a lifetime.

Their adventurous lifestyle continued this way for almost a decade, and the truth is told, they enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest. However, when Sergiovich turned 35, he could no longer go on. The only thing that could make him happy was to have kids. So, with a heavy heart, he spoke to his wife about it. All these years I have put you first.

Can you do something for me too? Will you have my kids? At his words, she quivered. Then, after a few seconds, she said, yes? With a dull, affirmative nod, Cirkovic was elated, and he suggested that they go for a medical checkup.

Then he silently vowed to do anything to make her happy, even if it meant giving her the world. When they got to the hospital, Sagovitch took his test first. Then he waited outdoors for If Doku, who went in for her checkup too. Looking up some minutes later, he saw his wife, in tears, walking towards him with a yellow file containing the results. When she reached where he was standing, she threw herself into his arms and said, you are free to leave.

I shouldn’t do this to you. Sergey was so worried, so he quickly asked her what the problem was. The test results, she said, took a brief pause. They continued, you see, the tests showed I wouldn’t be able to give you a baby ever. Immediately, she was done talking.

She broke the embrace, but he held her and said, I still love you. Let it go. We don’t need them. Then he assured her with a kiss on her forehead, but deep down, he was shattered. He badly wanted kids.

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Ever since they never returned this conversation, the duo continued living their best life without kids. Some years later, when, if Tokyo was a few years away from retirement, she suddenly became very sick. So she went to the hospital with her husband. There, the doctors delivered some devastating news. The test carried out showed she had sarcoma cancer and was in the last stage.

They had come to the hospital, too. Late and nothing could save her. Her life was hanging on a shredded rope. Unfortunately, some weeks later, she passed on. If Tokyo’s death hit Sergiovage greatly, it felt like he was stuck in the middle of the deep sea with no one by a side.

So he spent all his time going through pictures and possessions, reminiscing about the past. Some months later, Sergeovich was going through his late wife’s belongings as usual. But unlike other occasions, his eyes caught something odd. This time around. It was the yellow file she was holding years ago at the hospital.

He had never even bothered to ask about its contents and why she couldn’t have kids for him. But now curiosity took over him and he opened the file. As he read through, his temperature suddenly showed up. He couldn’t believe what he had just read. According to the result, it wasn’t if Doki, who was barren, it was him.

The realization was so shocking, and for a while sweat kept dripping down his neck. He was enraged. He felt he had married a stranger and had been deceived his whole life. How could she hide such a thing from him? What a liar.

What an actress, he thought. But when all these fierce emotions gradually faded, a calm ensued. Then he realized his wife had laid down her right to be a mother on the altar of his happiness. She had sacrificed it all for him. Yet he had one regret he wished he knew earlier.

At least they could have looked for other solutions. Maybe adoption or even artificial insemination. Perhaps she hid the truth because she didn’t want kids, Sergey Rich thought he knew that was plain selfish. Regardless, he still forgave his wife. Ever since then, he went to a grave and spent hours talking to her.

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It felt so real that he even believed she was right beside him each time they spoke. One day, he took another walk to the Cemetery. As he walked past each grave, he read the names, wondering what they could have been like. Then one tombstone caught his attention. He hadn’t seen it there the previous day, so he knew it was newly erected.

But something was off. The grave didn’t have flowers or even litters. If the two owner had recently died, shouldn’t her family members be sending lots of notes and roses to a grave? But there were even more odd details. The grave didn’t have any date.

It only had a name, Claudia, written on it with a pencil. Hello, Claudia. I wonder who you are and how old you are, Sergioch thought as he was about to walk away. Just then, he heard a squeaking sound. Confused, he turned sideways but saw nothing or whatever made the alarmic sound.

It must be coming from this tombstone, then, he thought. Luckily, he found a shovel just beside the grave. But he wasn’t certain if he should dig or not. As he contemplated, the squeaking sound became more intense. Unable to hold himself back, he picked the shovel up and started digging, determined to find out what was making the noise.

As he dug, the squeaking became louder and louder. When he got closer to the ground, the sound became very audible and clear. It wasn’t a rapturous squirrel. It was a baby’s voice. Realizing this, Sergio witch’s hands began to tremble.

Who would bury a child alive? After some minutes, he finally dug out the coffin. He quickly threw back the lid, and what he came face to face with was horrible. Inside the coffin was an old woman whom Sergeovitch quickly guessed was Claudia. Lying on both sides of her body were two babies, a boy and a girl.

The boy was in a terrible state and he was barely breathing while the girl was crying. Wasting no time, Sergeovich brought the babies out and quickly reported the case to the police. The kids were then taken to a temporary shelter. After investigating, the police learned the dead woman’s name was indeed Claudia. Here’s what they also found concerning the case.

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Let’s start with a little background story. You see, after Claudia’s daughter died during childbirth, she had to raise a granddaughter, Milana, all by herself. Although Claudia did her best to instill the right values in the girl, she was wayward and wouldn’t listen. When Milana became a teenager, she started going out with men and became pregnant. Even though Claudia was old and her health was failure, she vowed to take care of the unborn baby.

Sadly, that was a promise she didn’t get to keep. The elderly woman soon fell sick and was rushed to the hospital. Some months later, she died. That same day, Melania’s water broke at home and she gave birth to twins all by herself. However, she knew there was no way she could fend for the girls.

So she came up with a plan to get rid of the babies. Before Claudia was buried, Milana quickly put the babies in the coffin so that they could be buried too. That same day, she fled the city. Upon hearing this, Sertovich was dumb struck. He couldn’t forget the moment he took the babies out of the coffin.

But there was nothing he could do other than visit the twins regularly. Well, so he thought. One day when Sergeovic visited the shelter home, one nurse said, I see how much you love these kids. Why don’t you take them? This was exactly what he wanted.

But he wasn’t sure it would work. But the nurse assured him after medical checkup, Sergeovich was deemed fit to adopt the kids, and he took custody of them, vowing to love them forever. Ever since Sergiovich put away his pains and regrets, had the doctors made a mistake about his fertility or was it all a stunt by ethnokia? Well, none of that mattered anymore. Now he had two beautiful children.

Thenceforth, rather than going to the grave, this lucky man now went to the playground instead his wish finally came true. Although this story is fiction, situations like this happen all the time. Partners deceive themselves. All because of their selfish interests. Remember true love doesn’t lie.

It doesn’t pretend. And it never betrays too. What are your thoughts on ebdocia concealing the results of the test.