An elderly man fled at full speed when he knew his children would take him to the nursing home

The plight of the elderly is a problem that is growing day by day without our paying attention to it the loneliness of the elderly the abandonment to which they are condemned by their children and their grandchildren represents a pandemic that is spreading throughout the world but about which little is said the indifference of the youngest condemned the elderly to wish for their death because without anyone to listen To them and listen to their stories they feel reduced to mere useless objects that no one cares about anymore and today we bring you a story that will make you reflect on this problem so that the next time you see your father a grandfather or any elderly person

No matter who they are you will think twice about ignoring them lewis wasn’t always an old man he had his glory days when he was a handsome boy who aroused the interest of women his age and despite his characteristic cheerfulness lewis knew how to be a respectable person and from a very young age he began to work wherever he could in order to earn an honest living and so working happily and in love he struggled through his youth without imagining how quickly time passes and ignoring

how Ungrateful life can be when you don’t have a bit of luck not because he was a cheerful boy lewis was forgetful of god on this spiritual plane although he did not attend any church or claim to be a member of any religion lewis was a deep believer who prayed every night before going to bed but his spirituality was quite particular and in addition to the traditional doctrine of his country learned from his parents lewis also Believed in some eastern religious ideas such as karma he was absolutely convinced that the universe was governed by a law of cause and effect that every action has a reaction and that the good or bad things that happen to us in life are the

result of the equally good or bad way we have behaved and guided by this idea lewis reached old age convinced that his old age would be peaceful and pleasant of course he knew that he would have to endure the Bodily aches and pains of his years and he deeply feared the loss of his memory and the rest of his cognitive abilities but he was absolutely certain that no matter what ailment beset him he would have the invaluable companionship of his children to whom he had always given all the love he was capable of giving for if life was a system of retribution in which one receives what one gives nothing could make the old man think that his children would respond with Ingratitude precisely when he needed them most and abandoned him unfortunately old lewis was wrong unfortunately life is sometimes unfair unpredictable lacking any logic to guide it and sometimes

rather than a system of cause and effect retribution it behaves like a wild beast devouring any prey that comes its way regardless of its sex its skin color its religious beliefs or its good behavior and this was precisely what happened to lewis one night he was Awakened by the intensity of voices arguing in the next room it was his son and his son’s wife discussing his transfer to a nursing home lewis was so convinced that his children’s lives could not repay him in such a thankless way that it occurred to him that it was all a joke since his birthdays were near he assumed that his son and daughter-in-law’s argument was simply acted out that they did it out loud on purpose to wake him Up so that he would think he would be taken to an asylum and thus worry him and then surprise him as a wonderful birthday present but there was no surprise the plans to take him

to an asylum were real when lewis was young he worked at everything he could was a baker for a long time and even worked as a gardener for about five years but it wasn’t until he was 30 that he found a job that would become his life’s Work lewis was mowing the garden of a prestigious company when the manager approached him to offer him the position of security guard at the head office it would be a permanent job as a legal deal and with all the social guarantees stipulated by law lewis was grateful for the opportunity but immediately turned down the position he was a quiet citizen had no experience in security and even less in handling weapons the manager Explained that none of that mattered to him the previous guard had just been fired because he was caught planning a robbery of a company and he as a manager was convinced that the new guard regardless of his experience in the security area should have as his main characteristic to be a reliable and honest person and lewis met this profile to perfection he had shown unmistakable signs of this during his years

as a gardener for the company even so lewis Asked the manager for a night to analyze the proposal but the next day he returned for days he had been thinking about marrying his girlfriend and starting a family and a decent fixed salary would not be bad for him from then on for the rest of the years he was active that was lewis job the economic comfort did not deprive him of the pains of life as the man had to go through the ordeal of discovering his wife’s infidelity fighting for legal Custody of the children he had with her and after winning the lawsuit taking on the difficult task of being a single parent of two children but motivated by love lewis was capable of anything in addition the company lewis worked for had a complete social system for its employees which included

an all-expenses paid scholarship for the children of all employees thanks to this lewis’s children were able to attend prestigious universities And become professionals the eldest graduated as a lawyer and had a law firm in the city while the youngest became a doctor and worked abroad when lewis retired he felt like the happiest man on the face of the earth and when his children graduated he never demanded that they take him to live with him he understood perfectly well that it was his children’s destiny to fly make a life for themselves and go their own way he simply asked them to please not Forget him to visit him whenever they could and to keep in constant telephone contact so when his son the lawyer brought him and his wife to live together lewis never

thought they were uncomfortable it was something he hadn’t asked for and he respected the couple’s privacy and so when he overheard them discussing his move to a nursing home it seemed to him that it all made no sense that it couldn’t be true and that it was all a Joke but when his son explained to him the next day that it was all true that he already had plans ready for the nursing home and that the decision had been made in conjunction with his other son the doctor living abroad lewis felt the floor open up under his feet desperate and not knowing quite what to do he ran to the garage of his house grabbed an old motorcycle mounted it and fled at full speed this was really crazy because lewis had not ridden that Motorcycle for years and the lack of habit in his age made him prone to an accident fortunately the motorcycle which no one used anymore had barely

any gas left and lewis had to stop there alone in the middle of the road he had time to reflect he should not run away from anyone he was the owner of a monthly pension that would allow him to rent his own house and live with dignity the last days of his life and it would make him Happy because he would not embitter his remaining years on earth by blaming his unfortunate children fortunately everything had a good outcome for lewis who until the last day of his life was able to fend for himself and who continued to be visited by his children who after all that repented and asked for his forgiveness unfortunately not all stories end up like lewis’s so next time you see an old man in need of help don’t ignore him and make him happy with.