After Their Grandfather Passed Away They Found a Mysterious Trap door Uncovering his Secrets

Chris had always adored his grandpa john, and the pair had spent many years forming a close bond. He loved to listen to his grandfather’s stories. In fact, he could have sat and listened to them for hours on end. Unfortunately, though, john peacefully passed away in his sleep, leaving his devastated grandson to clean out his house, but what chris found while cleaning out the house is as shocking as it is stunning ever since he was a little boy. Chris had loved spending time with his grandpa john.

They used to play board games, go for walks, go fishing in the stream and generally have lots of fun. Chris used to sit for hours listening to jon’s stories about when he was a little boy or when he was growing up to chris grandpa john seemed like the most interesting man in the world. One of john’s favorite stories was when his mother had met the 31st president of the united states herbert hoover. She had saved a young girl from drowning in a lake and was awarded a dinner with the president. As a way of saying, thank you, the president came to his home and spent several hours with the family.

John was only six or seven at the time, though, and to a child having the president in your house wasn’t very exciting another one he used to tell was how there was a huge towering power line next door to his old house, and jon would hear the Birds nesting up on the wires. They would sometimes fall to their deaths, so jon and the folio of his youth used to climb up in the dangerous power line and rescue the birds bringing them down to a safer level. When his mother found out about this, she was not happy chris loved stories like that, but still, even as chris started, to grow up and live his own life, he would still make time for his grandpa john as much as possible, despite being close to 90 jon. Still had that zest for life and the energy of a man half his age. Sadly, though, time caught up with him and one day he passed away peacefully in his sleep, he had lived a long and exciting life, and now it was finally time for him to rest that didn’t make it any less difficult for chris, though, who was absolutely devastated That he’d lost his grandpa and his best friend attending the reading of john’s last will and testament.

Chris was expecting nothing. His grandpa never had much. He lived in a simple small house and he never had many nice things. He was just a simple man who lived a simple life, so it was certainly a shock when the attorney read out that chris would be the one to inherit john’s old house. He was stunned.

He’D never ask for anything like that from his grandpa john, but he got a lump in his throat as he thought about how his dear grandfather was still trying to look after him even from beyond the grave. But the house was in a quiet area and parts of it were beyond repair, so chris decided to go and sort through his grandpa john’s things before the house could be torn down. It was for the best, as he started, moving furniture from the living room, though chris noticed something strange: the wooden floor under the rock dipped a little there had been a chair over it before so he had never noticed, but there was a definite dip pulling the Rug aside, chris was astounded to see a trapdoor. He never knew this house had a trapdoor or even a basement for that matter. He slowly pulled the door open with a shaking hand and peered into the dark reaching in he found the light switch and much to his delight, he flicked the switch and the underground room was filled with light.

How very strange chris thought, as he started, to descend into the musty smelling room? The room was empty apart from something in the center of it something covered in an old tatters sheet. What could it be? This whole situation was getting weirder and weirder stepping forward. Chris grabbed the corner of the fabric and felt a shiver go down his back.

What might he find under there, but chris’s eyes went wide as he pulled back the sheet to reveal what was underneath. He had never seen something like that before, and it literally took his breath away next to the object, was a small envelope and incited a handwritten letter from his grandpa, explaining everything his hand shaking chris started to read his grandpa john’s story, a secret that he had Kept with him for decades, when john was 22, he spent many hours tinkering with his car. He tuned the engine up, make little additions and amendments and generally learn how cars worked. He taught himself how to fix cars and became quite a proficient self-taught mechanic. Not once had he ever had to call emergency roadside breakdown services instead preferring to get his hands dirty and fix the issue himself.

But one day, while on a journey to see a friend in dallas john saw a beautiful and undoubtedly expensive sports car on the roadside. Slowing down to take a look, john noticed, it was broken down so being the kind soul he was. He stopped and offered help the owner of the sports car. A man named jean agreed to let him take a look and in only a matter of moments it was working like new again purring away at the side of the road gene was gobsmacked. That was fast work.

He was so impressed with john’s mechanical prowess that he told john to get in his car and follow him to his house as he had something to show him eventually. Arriving at gene’s, home john was shocked to find that it wasn’t the house at all. In fact, it was a mansion pulling up next to a large barn gene jumped out of his sports car and threw open the barn doors to reveal something that left jon flabbergasted an entire fleet of brand new sports cars. It turned out that gene was a wealthy man and loved collecting expensive high-end cars. He had been looking for a living mechanic to keep his fleet maintained and he was so impressed by jon that he decided to offer him the job in return.

Jon would be handsomely paid and get to live in a spacious and luxurious outhouse that was attached to the barn just next to the main mansion jumping at the opportunity, john of course agreed, and for over 45 years he maintained the ever-growing fleet of vehicles making sure They were in perfect working order over the course of that four and a half decades. John and gene became good friends and when gene sadly passed away in a car crash, john was shocked to find that the fleet of cars had been left to him. But what would jon do with all these cars? He had no room for them and with the mansion being sold, they needed to be moved john pondered for a long time, but he finally thought of a solution, and the answer was right in front of his grandson. Chris, at that very moment, chris lowered the letter, finally understanding how his grandpa john had ended up with some amazing things.

Looking from the letter, he once again gazed on what had been under the old tattered blanket a pile of stacked gold, bullion bars. There must have been close to a thousand gold bars sitting there covered in dust and debris cleanly having not been touched or handled in years and years, quickly checking his phone to see how much each bar of gold was. Chris went weak at the knees when he did the math one bar was worth twenty six thousand dollars. That meant that if there really were one thousand bars there as he had estimated, he was standing in front of 26 million dollars. Chris was speechless, but as he stroked a finger along one of the golden bars, he looked up and smiled thinking of his grandpa john.

He had known these gold bars were here. Of course he did and he knew that if he left the house to chris, his grandson would discover the stash what an incredible secret that he’d held on to for so long a tear ran from chris’s eyes and down his face. Thank you, grandpa. He whispered. Thank you for everything.

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