After A Dad And Son Saw “Help” Scratched Into The Dirt, A Voice Led Them To A Startling Discovery

Ryle gordon and his stepfather chris trumbic had made for their family’s cabin in hayden, idaho, but it wouldn’t be one of their routine hunting trips in the countryside. Instead, they were greeted with the word help scratched into the dirt near the property. They thought little of it. At first, but then they reflected that it might be a genuine request and their second instinct was the right one. The settlement of hayden idaho has a population of a little over 13 000 according to the most recent census, but the area’s stunning natural landscape beckons people like chris trumbic and his 15 year old, stepson, ryle gordon to come and explore for trumbic and gordon the trek To hayden meant they were going hunting and staying at their hut in the wilderness, and they did that.

Often the teenager told tv station khq pretty much born and raised at that cabin gordon said: if you like our content and want to see more, i invite you to subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell to receive. The latest videos now enjoy the story and although the cabin had often featured in their leisure time, neither gordon nor his stepfather had any clue what drama awaited them on their november 2018 trip to hayden as soon as they approached their destination, though they immediately realized. Something was amiss, they saw a search party which had been scouring the vicinity in search of a missing teenager nineteen-year-old catherine katie ogle had disappeared in the area. She was thought to be especially vulnerable because she had the cognitive ability of a 10 to 12 year old. According to khq, the kudanai county sheriff’s office had previously implored the area’s residents to look through their home security footage to try and catch a glimpse of the missing blonde haired green eyed.

Teen authorities also requested that they search any outdoor structures like barns or sheds to see if there was any trace of ogle. Meanwhile, the emergency workers and volunteers continued their hunt both on the ground and in the skies they had 60 search and rescuers and dog units sweeping the local area, while aircraft flew overhead before driving up to hayden trumbic had already heard ogle’s story we found out before We left that there was a missing girl up there. He told khq and his stepson felt a pair of hunters could be of genuine assistance in the search i told chris we’d probably be their best help, because we know this place like the back of our hand. Gordon said so, the pair decided to drive onward to their cabin, which sat four miles away on a single track road, as the hunters made their way along the narrow dirt road towards their property. They saw something unexpected on the ground.

They noticed that someone had scrawled a note in the mud, it read simply help trumbic recalled it says, help and gordon’s like that’s kind of creepy at first, the teen’s stepfather had a simple explanation for the message i thought. Maybe it was a hunter down here: shot a deer or something trummick told khq. The author might have needed help carrying the carcasses. He surmised, but fifteen-year-old gordon had another theory that the message had been left by the missing girl ogle. It kind of hit me.

I was like there’s no way, there’s just no way it just kind of shocked me he recounted. So he snapped a picture of the message. Then gordon and trumbik went back to the search party that they had passed on their way to the cabin they showed them. The message and gordon said the image came as a surprise to them. They were getting ready to go, go home for the night he recalled, but after taking one look at the word etched into dirt, members of the search party knew they had one last spot to check.

They made their way up to the cabin and shouted for ogle, but initially couldn’t hear anything over the noise created by their vehicle’s engines. So the search team switched everything off to reduce the background noise. Then trumbic recalled he said hello, and we heard hello right over the point right here and went down there and katie was down there. The search team found a teenage girl a little way off the track. Nestled down among the trees, trumbic said she was laying in a sleeping bag and the rescue worker was like he goes.

What’S your name, she said. Katie ogle had survived her two-day ordeal, partly because she went into trumbic and gordon’s cabin where she found some supplies to use in the wilderness. The hunters said that they were glad she did, although she seemed to assume they’d be angry. She looked very scared when she came out like she was scared. She was gon na get in trouble like we were gon na yell at her for being in the cabin gordon told khq, but he and his stepfather were thrilled to have been able to help.

I was just thinking it’s crazy. She was alive to the weather, the past nights. If we didn’t come up here, you know she could have been dead. Katie we’re just happy you’re alive, gordon adam. As for their rescue effort, trumbic and gordon didn’t take any of the credit.

Instead, they said they ended up in the right place at the right time. Glad we found her, i mean it was pretty amazing and that cabin just happened to be there for her. Gordon added, in fact, the cabin’s bounty had helped her survive. The kootenai county, sheriff’s office said the 19 year old had gone to the hospital to ensure she was okay. Although it was a precaution, she appeared to be in relatively good condition when the search team found her according to tv news station wkhr.