Addison Rae Says Next Acting Gig Might Be Inspired By ‘Breaking Bad’?!

Addison Ray’s opening up about her future in acting as she spilled on what type of role she’d like to take on Next during her multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix. Let’s get into it.

Addison Ray’s 2021 Netflix debut in this cheeky rom-com, he’s all that might have received its share of backlash amid its release, but it’s Addison who got the last word as she went on to sign a multi-film deal with the streaming service You Go Girl. So basically what we’re getting at is preparing to see her much more frequently in the coming years. Addison recently caught up with Variety, where she revealed which role she’d love to take on Next, telling the outlet, I want to show people I’m not just limited to one thing. I want to play the bad guy, but also the good guy.

I eventually want something really deep emotional and real as possible. While she continues to practice reading various scripts, Addison also admitted that she’s been taking notes while binge-watching Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Addison explained, from the way it’s shot to the script to the acting, it’s all incredible. After doing my film and experiencing that, I always watch things from a different perspective. Now, being able to watch Breaking Bad and also learn from it is something that I really enjoy. Speaking of having a different perspective, Addison also opened up to Variety about her personal life, which involves her family as she’s calling on fans to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

She recalled as a child watching her grandfather, Donald Easterling, battle kidney cancer, saying, A lot of my memories from him when I was young were in the hospital. It was rough for my family to go through that. But luckily my Papa is a very strong man who still to this day tries to do everything he did when he was 20 years old. He’s very inspiring.

Addison’s family spoke openly about his battle, to which she added, he’s a very quiet man, so you know, when he says a few words, they mean a lot. In order to raise awareness, Addison has partnered with the American Cancer Society and by donating just $10, fans can enter sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles next month to attend with Addison herself. Football is a huge part of Addison’s family. As she recalled, I grew up in Louisiana, so football is pretty big there. I was always a Saints fan, but then I moved to Shreveport when I was in high school, so I became a Cowboys fan. Oh, Dallas Cowboys, huh? The district is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only witness the biggest sporting event of the year and hello the halftime show live, but to spend some quality time with Addison.

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