Actress Zaina Dridi flashes her knickers in red carpet wardrobe malfunction


Actress Zaina Dridi was attending the Rome Film Festival’s Carol premiere when her outfit chose to deviate from the script.

In photos, the Tunisian actress appears to be utterly unaware that her revealing underwear is on display.

Despite what can only be characterized as noticeable regrowth, the model maintained a stiff upper lip and chose to flaunt her look.

She wore the aquamarine dress like a pro, with the skimpiest, most nude-colored leggings ever.

In the billowing dress, the beauty flaunted her beautiful legs, and a lot more.

(Image: Rex)

But she might not be so delighted when she sees the photos and realizes that her panties were seen by the entire world’s media.

It’s not the first time an Italian actress has been caught off guard by a swaying gown.

(Image: Rex)

Samantha Capitoni showed off her underpants on the red carpet with fellow actor Beppe Convertini just a few weeks ago.

While posing next to her companion, the gown seemed straightforward and uncomplicated, but when she pulled up her skirt to continue walking, the garment split dramatically.


Her nude and lace underwear were plainly visible before she realized what had happened and tried to shrug it off.

Samantha was spotted gesturing towards the audience with her companion standing alongside her, hardly covering herself up.

Before stepping inside the premiere of the film Truth, the brunette beauty appeared to make a half-hearted attempt to cover up her exposed underwear.


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