A Woman’s HUGE Belly Held Quadruplets Until Doctors Saw Something Wrong!

Cardenas Gutierrez and her husband, David Gutierrez are a couple based in South Florida and before 2014, their lives are relatively normal ones. Cardenas Gutierrez was working as an interior designer, while guterres was a chef who planned on establishing his very own. Restaurant bought fast forward. A few years and things have gone a little differently to plan for the couple. The restaurant idea has had to take a back seat for one since the pair have bigger fish to fry these days and that’s the outcome of the life-changing events of 2014

The year that Cardenas guitarist and her spouse started a family that year didn’t run smoothly for the florida-based couple, though, in fact, the story of how their family came to be is pretty remarkable, to say the least.

It all started when the couple who had got married in 2011 first discovered that Cardenas Gutierrez was pregnant and Cardenas Gutierrez, and her husband were delighted with the news that they were expecting. At that point, though, the young couple had no idea what was around the corner for them. Then, when the time came for the first ultrasound scan, doctors told him something that would be difficult for many people to get their heads around. That’S because of that initial appointment, the parents to be found out that they would be welcoming more than one baby. They were going to have twins in fact, and as that was something the pair welcomed, they were over the moon.

But as that happened, there was more news to come. Subsequently, a doctor discovered something else. During the appointment it turned out that there was another baby growing inside Cardenas, gutierrez’s womb and for the next five minutes the couple tried to digest the news that they were expecting. Triplets that wouldn’t be the last surprise for the husband and wife, though indeed the doctor would go on to find yet another feta’s gestating inside Cardenas guitarist, and the idea that there were four babies on the way was so overwhelming that the couple began to cry. But Cardenas Gutierrez herself was initially convinced.

It was all a joke. I thought they were trying to prank me. She told CBS Miami in November 2014.The. Doctor was being deadly serious, however, and although the couple had hoped that they would one day grow a big family, they may never have expected all of their kids to come along at once.

Not only that, but Cardenas guitarist had never taken any fertility drugs to Aid. The pregnancy, so the chances of her having quadruplets were only one in seven hundred thousand, given that Cardenas Gutierrez was carrying quads, though she and her husband were aware that there was an increased risk of things going wrong compared to a pregnancy with fewer fetuses. Nevertheless, it may still have come as a shock to the pair when, at 27 weeks along doctors told him there was a problem with one of the babies. It turned out that one of the four fetuses wasn’t getting enough oxygen from the placenta, and this left the expectant parents, with a very difficult decision to make a medical professional therefore outlined Cardenas gutierrez’s options, one of which was to carry on with a pregnancy. Knowing that one of her babies would die in her womb, the other choice, however, would be to take all the baby sound premature early.

This way the couple were told a struggling baby would have a chance of surviving. By contrast, though, the three others would only have a 40 chance of making it, but for Cardenas guitarres and her husband. The decision was made quickly. So the very same day Cardenas Gutierrez gave birth to all four babies by cesarean section. They were later named, Gabriel, Julian Sebastian and Francesca Gabriel was the baby.

The doctors were initially worried about when he was born. He had weighed a mere one pound and three ounces and his chances of thriving head at first seemed Slim. In fact, the parents were encouraged to say their goodbyes to Gabriel, and a priest was even asked to baptize him before the worst happened, but then, seemingly miraculously Gabriel appeared to be getting stronger and within just a few hours. His prognosis was much improved slowly but surely Gabriel’s oxygen levels increased. He even began to put a little weight on then after nearly five months in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Gabriel was strong enough to come home and join his three siblings, all of whom had spent time in the specialist unit too, and the fact that all four of their babies had made it home was a truly incredible result for the parents who were concerned. That they’d end up losing one of their children. Speaking to CBS, Miami Cardenas Gutierrez even said that the whole situation was a miracle. The new mom continued, I mean they’re all a miracle babies, but he he’s a little fighter referring to Gabriel, who didn’t have the easiest start in life and when the parents thought back to that uncertain time in the hospital. They remembered all the support that they received via social media in particular.

In fact, the couple had asked their online Network to join them in prayer for their babies and they’re, convinced that this in turn had a real impact on the children, and I actually thought that there were so many people praying for them. That that actually was that. What you know, what helped them get better and in 2018, Cardenas Gutierrez now has more than 35 000 Instagram followers, not to mention four beautiful and healthy three-year-olds. She uses the account to share the family’s Incredible Journey, which she has described, is the most challenging and rewarding chapter in our lives. So, despite the bump in the road at 27 weeks, Cardenas Gutierrez and her husband made the right decision and delivered their four children safety, albeit against the odds and it’s a set of circumstances that they seem to be happy with too.