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A woman was thrown out of her house for being old and she ended up living in a cave!

A woman was thrown out of her house for being old and when to live in a cave without imagining what she would find rosaria knew that the time to stay alone would come one day but she was not prepared to see how her children were leaving one by one it seemed that they’d forgotten about her she’d had three children and after two years since they left not once did they visit her she had to go to an asylum to spend her last Years of life among her three children they had agreed to pay their support there still soon they got tired of their contribution for their mother and after five years of living in the home they threw her out without clemency because

No one was answering for the money it cost to keep her there during her last day of stay rosarra who still didn’t know what she would do the next day or had any place to go dedicated herself to remembering her Life and trying to understand the reasons why she had ended up like this without anyone caring about her and probably living out her old age on the streets despite having three children who were not poor then she went back to her childhood she remembered herself as a good daughter also if you have not done so already please subscribe to our channel and click that notification bell to get inspired by these real life stories

Every day now back to the story she’d accompanied her mother after she was widowed and had been aware of her until the last of her days after her death she never had any remorse because she knew that she hadn’t poorly behaved and trusted that she would have the same fate with her children at that time she was beginning to meet miguel who had become the father of her children she’d never been really much in love and neither was he but both of them were Looking for someone to fill their loneliness and insecurities and at the moment when they’d finally

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Decided to leave things as they were and continue each on their way was when rosaria became pregnant neither of them was prepared to be a parent but they did their best to face their destiny together both of them got jobs that demanded more strength than they had and that occupied all their time that’s why their first Child spent a lot of time home alone that’s why when their second daughter was born they both decided to find a way to be more present in the growth of their children but in the end they didn’t have to do much rosaria had been fired from her job after having taken her baby one day while she was still recovering from childbirth

So miguel had to redouble his efforts so rosario could be at home with her children and take care of household chores she did what She could for a while but when she received the news that rosario was pregnant for the third time she couldn’t stand it the blurred idea they always had of leaving completely disappeared forever from the life of rosaria and her three children without any remorse for a long time she had to fight against the feeling of abandonment and against her impulses to leave everything too but the love for her children could more than any other idea crossed her mind and Now she thought that she did not know where she got the strength

To make her three children grow up healthy and without anything lacking but she had somehow made it possible she’d always been proud of it until she realized that not even all the sacrifices she’d been capable of for them had been enough to have their gratitude the gratitude of her children in her old age they had moved away from her little by little forming their lives and Completely forgetting about that older woman who had healed them and hugged them whenever they were afraid and who’d given them their best ears for seeing them grow up healthy and robust now rosario was sitting there with 87 years on her shoulders and with all the pains of a life given to ungrateful children sitting as she ran out of relative comfort and had to figure out how to continue living now that she didn’t even have a roof over her head then she Walked out of her home

Aimlessly and begged god to find an answer to her needs the best idea she had at the time was to go to the forest she didn’t want to stay in the city under a bridge or on the street having to endure the looks of pity and disgust of people if her time to die had arrived she would prefer to die in the countryside in the middle of nature and hidden from the curious when she was there she was surprised at how Soon she felt at home there was no roof but she found a cave and decided that this would be her home from now on but the surprise that she would find a few meters further inside was unexpected because there at the bottom of the cave she found a huge box apparently full of books rosaria who had nothing to do felt grateful to find those books because now she

Would have something to distract herself and that’s why she felt almost As if she’d found a treasure but it was when she opened the book that she realized that what she found was much more than an abandoned library page by page the old woman was finding money and when checking each of the books she found much more money someone had left their fortune there no one entered that cave but if they did they surely wouldn’t be interested in a pile of books however rosaria had found that treasure in the midst of her misfortune And could well have taken all the money returned to the home and ensured her stay until she died but no instead she decided

To go out again to the city and look for the owner some books were marked and she decided to find the person but her search ended soon his tombstone rested in the cemetery the owner of that fortune died several years ago and then Rosario knew in her heart the money was there for her that life was finally rewarding her but to her own Surprise rosaria didn’t return to the home she didn’t even want to leave her cave she still wanted to die in that field and use that money to make that place comfortable and so that she won’t lack anything there the old woman spent six years of her life until death reached her six years in which she was happier than she’d been in her whole life in which she needed no company because she finally knew what it felt like to have fulfillment.