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A Man Who Wanted to Kill His Son 17 Years Ago Is in for a Real Surprise

Gets away for the first sound marker. What a play by the rookie Ray Caruth. Continue to talk to them because then we have to find out where you are. Ray Carruth was dating Cheryl Adams when they were at College. Nfl wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, and everything was amazing until suddenly the girl got pregnant.

Ray Caruth already had one child with another woman while he was at College at the University of Colorado. So he did everything to keep their soontobe son from being born. A man who wanted to kill his son 17 years ago is in for a real surprise. To avoid financial responsibility, Ray literally begged Cheryl to get an abortion, but the girl was determined to deliver the baby. Little did she know that her refusal would turn into a catastrophe for her.

The two didn’t speak for months when suddenly Ray asked Jericho for a date. He reached the girl to go see a movie with him. Cherica was baffled and confused by such an action, but agreed. The two went on to see a creepy serial killerbased movie called The Bone Collector. Everything appeared to be okay.

As the guys didn’t utter a word about their unborn son, they watched the film and were about to head home in separate cars. Adams was driving behind Caruth, but then out of the blue, he pulled to the side of the road. The girl thought the man must be having some car troubles, so she stopped her car to ensure everything was okay. But before she could get out of the car, Ray’s Car started moving and fired. Gunshots okay, ma’am, you’re eight months pregnant.

You’ve been shot. You’re at West Square. There were five bullets shot and four of them hit the girl. Luckily, none of them hit her. Unborn son.

If the girl was losing too much blood, which could make a little baby suffocate, Chica quickly called 911 when realizing she was set up by Carruth. Here is a part of this terrifying 911 call from November of 1999. I was following my baby’s Daddy, Ray Carruth, the football player. Dispatcher So you think he did it? He slowed down and a car pulled up beside me.

Dispatcher and then shot at you? Cherokee? Yes. Dispatcher and then where did he go? Cherica he just left.

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I think he did it. I don’t know what to think. The police quickly found the shooter from the BMW Van Brett Watkins, who later testified he was hired by Ray Caruth. Ray was sentenced to 18 years and eleven months in prison for conspiracy to commit a crime, but later was acquitted of firstdegree murder charges. Van Brett Watkins was sentenced to 40 years and three months in prison, while Michael Kennedy, the driver of the BMW, was sentenced to eleven years and eight months.

Both men deeply regretted and apologized for the thing they had made. While Caruth has never apologized or admitted any involvement. While Ray was serving his sentences, a little Chancellor Lee Adams, the son of Ray and Cherica Adams, became a young man. He was born November 16, 1999 and brought up by his grandmother, Sandra Adams. Lee’s childhood was not easy.

The boy was suffering from cerebral palsy and brain damage. He had to put a lot of effort to perform daily activities that most people usually take for granted. For example, it was tremendously hard for Lee to button his own shirt. However, the boy never gave up and always did his best to be a normal child. He was so determined and his positive vibes were never ending.

It is this exact Lee’s mindset that will make October 22, 2018 a special day at Tyrell Prison Work Farm. That day, after 18 years of serving a sentence, Caruth walked out of North Carolina’s Tyrell Prison Work Farm as a free man. Sandra and Lee, after 18 years of pain and regret, finally found the courage to forgive Ray for his past mistakes and plan to be right outside the prison gates when the man goes out. Sandra later explained it was a chosen happiness over bitterness when they decided to forgive him. The woman didn’t plan to discuss what happened in 1999 with Caruth.

She just wanted him to see her and Lee standing there, which means they forgive him for the things he did. Also, she wanted Caruth to see what a special young man Lee has become. Sandra has a strong Christian faith, which presumably was one of the main reasons to forgive Rey. Now she hopes that the man won’t keep Lee from having a relationship with his only living parent, even though she knows that reconciling this relationship might be a long process. She isn’t afraid if Ray chooses to ignore Lee.

The woman has been raising the boy with love and patience. She knows Lee feels loved regardless of whether Rey chooses to be his father or not. It would be Ray who would suffer most from putting a slight upon his father’s son relationship. Sandra and Lee have found enough courage to forgive Ray for killing his mum and her daughter. Thus, we hope the man will be brave enough to open his heart to them and let them be a part of his life.

Fortunately, Lee already knows what it feels like to have a father. John Embry is corrupt’s former College football coach the man has been helping Sandra and Lee for the whole 18 years. Now he is an assistant head coach and the tight ends coach for the San Francisco 49 Ers. Embry created a foundation, a Buffs for Life golf tournament, which supports past University of Colorado coaches and players. The money from there has been donated to Sandra and Lee over the past five years.

In fact, this man is doing his best to help the family. He is even trying to raise $80,000 to help construct a downstairs bedroom bathroom addition for the Chancellor to help in meeting his needs as he gets older Carruth as a biological father has never contacted his son during his prison sentence. He didn’t even try to take responsibility for the death of his son’s mother. Both the NFL and the Carolina Panthers organization have done nothing to help the father family. All we can do now is hope that on October 22, 2018, Carruth will finally change his way of thinking and behaving.

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