A Girl Gave Some Food To A Poor Boy Not Knowing That Only A Few Years Later He Will Save Her Life

This touching story will leave a different in your life so read till the end. It will be very interesting. ones in a small village there lived a poor boy name John. He worked on the streets and do all kinds of work because he had to go to school, pay rent and also helped his mother to buy food. One day while doing his job, he got very tired and hungry. He looked in the nearest bakery where they were selling delicious buns, bread and burger which I really like. He wanted to buy some buns so he decided to go to the bakery.

This is what he deserve after a long day of work. At the door he stop for a moment and check his pockets to see if he had some money. He realised he only had one coin. His stomach beg for food but the boy did not have enough money to buy even the smallest piece of bread. So he decided to continue going on without food but his hunger tormented him. He decided to do something that will make him feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

The hunger pushed him to ask for food. He spent a few minutes practicing how to ask for food, after few minutes of practice he not knock on someone’s door. When the door opened and a young lady open the door he could not do what he had already practiced for. He decided to ask for only a glass of water instead of food. This strange request from the boy surprised the girl and she decided that the boy must be hungry. And instead of water offered him a glass of milk and buns. The boy was embarrassed but he eat the buns and drink the milk. how much do I owe you? The boy asked. The girl smiled and said you do not owe me anything. The boy say thank you very much and left.

When he left he felt stronger and his faith in people had grown. This girls action motivated him to keep going on pursue his goals. He dreams of finishing his education in order to be a successful person and help his mother and other people that needed him. Many years later that young and sweet girl became ill. Local doctor were confused they never seen such a case before. As they were confused they sent her to a big city in a large hospital where the best doctors operate. But still no one could understand what was wrong with her.

Young doctor John was the first doctor to find out the cause of her problem. When he saw the name of the village where the young girl come from it arouse his curiosity. He decided to go and see her on the way he kept thinking about it. Although the men could not imagine Who the report was talking about he quickly walked to her. Coming in to see her he could not believe his eyes right in front of him there was that girl about whom he thought so much. Of course she was no longer so young but she was still beautiful.

Young doctor John promise to do anything to save the girls life. One night when he was at home he received a call from the hospital the woman became much worse. And she could barely hanging on. She was at a very big risk, at any moment she could die. The doctor was so anxious he could not lose this patience. He had to do everything possible to save her life. The next day he visited her. Her body was connected to several machines, her skin seems completely white and her heart was beating so Softly and almost impossible to trace.

A week passed and the patient condition did not improve at all. doctor John was already about to lose hope for every treatment that was prescribed to her the women did not get better at all. He decided it’s time to disconnect her from the life support devices. But before doing that he sits next to her and said he know how valuable her life was to him. He said he should be able to help her for helping him when he was a little boy. When he finished, he was about to leave when he saw the woman moved his finger.

It meant that there was hope after several weeks with signal appeared that the patient did not want to die. She wanted to live with all her heart and she was never going to give up. The doctor left the room with a smile on his face. He could do it, he could save her life. And several week past the head doctor came to the hospital and say they should disconnect her from the Machine. The woman percentage of survival is very small and it is also a huge expenses for the hospital. The doctor John tried asking the head doctor not to do this and asked him to give him one last choice. The head physician agreed to give him one last opportunity.

After few hours a miracle happened after long battle day war was won and the doctor managed to cure her. Within two weeks the woman recovered completely. When he was ready to go home Dr John asked the hospital to show him the bill for the treatment it was huge. But the sad smile on her face the man wrote something the bill that was given to the woman. The woman was so afraid to look at the total amount of money because she do not have very much. The bill was so much that she have to work almost all her life to pay off the bills.

Finally the woman looked at the bill and noticed something strange. Near the total of the bill it was written paid by a glass of milk and bread sincerely doctor John. She could not believe it the Doctor Who saved her life was that little boy he gave milk and bread. tear run down the woman’s face. 

So it might seem insignificant that one kind act could change someone’s entire life and motivated him to achieving his goal. If the girl have not helped the boy in such a difficult situation then. Perhaps he would have not become a doctor but a homeless person. That is all for today and thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up and comments below and also share with your friends.