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Marvel Comics made its debut in 1939, and more than 80 years later and hundreds of villains, it is still going strong. The point of a comic book villain is pretty simple: storylines that feature Spider-Man shopping or Thor attending a baseball game would be kind of pointless. But if you throw in a few seemingly indestructible bad guys (and ladies), you’ve got some drama that makes reading the comic or watching the movie worthwhile. Logical, right? Now that we’ve blown your mind, here are 9 of our favorite Marvel villains who love making life difficult for our heroes.

1. Galactus

If there’s one Marvel villain who can boast of being more powerful than Thanos, it’s Galactus. Even Stan Lee, who created this character after supposedly pondering how the Fantastic Four would fare if they had to battle God, conceded that Galactus would win a hypothetical fight against the mighty Thanos. He eats planets because he can. He’s even managed to unite heroes and villains once they realized they’re all screwed if they don’t put aside their differences to fight a common threat.

Galactus |  9 All-Time Great Marvel Villains |  Zestradar

2.Red Skull

It would be enough for Red Skull to be considered an evil villain by virtue of him having that scary red skull of his, but the fact that he was also Hitler’s protege seals the deal. He made his first appearance in the Captain America comic book series in March 1941, three months before the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. In one alternate version of history — according to the Ultimate Marvel series, he was even responsible for assassinating President John F. Kennedy. That’s beyond evil!!!

Red Skull |  9 All-Time Great Marvel Villains |  Zestradar

3. Sabretooth

When you’re awesome like Wolverine, it’s an absolute must that you have an arch-nemesis who is equally amazing. Sabretooth definitely fits the bill. He and Wolverine were both part of the Cold War supersoldier program that ultimately led to their bitter rivalry. They are essentially equaled in terms of mutant abilities, but the difference is that while Wolverine makes an effort to control his powers, Sabretooth deliberately loses control. Meow!!!

Sabretooth |  9 All-Time Great Marvel Villains |  Zestradar
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