7 Forgotten Princesses Adapted in Comics》

When you say the word “comics” these days, people instantly think superheroes. And when you say “princesses”, people think Disney. Well, this has nothing to do with either. This is in fact going to be about princesses from all branches of history and mythology that have at some point been adapted into comics. Somewhere, somehow, these princesses ended up in a drawn book where their stories could be told to children and adults alike.

Let’s take a look at some of these forgotten princesses and where they came from.

Shajar Al-Durr

The “Tree of Pearls” as she’s so beautifully called, was a focal character after the death of Sultan As-Salih Ayyub. She captured King Louis IX and sold him back to France for a hefty ransom and was then caught killing the Sultan of Egypt, only to be imprisoned and killed herself with her naked body thrown over the city walls. Sounds like an interesting character for one of those billion dollar Disney films, doesn’t it?

Shajar Al-Durr |  7 Forgotten Princesses Adapted in Comics |  Zestradar

Wu Zetian

The only female emperor to grace the country of China during the Tang dynasty. She was mostly famous for being distrusting and having a special torture technique called the “human pig”. It basically meant she’d remove all your limbs and your tongue. Remember, this was before we had prosthetics.

Wu Zetian |  7 Forgotten Princesses Adapted in Comics |  Zestradar


This Egyptian queen was actually the fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty. As far as historians are concerned, this was the first important woman in history that we know of. She led her country for 22 years and spent her years as a ruler dressed in men’s clothing, false beard and all.

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