6 Things You Didn’t Know About Spider-Man》

Spider-Man is a legendary superhero at this point. He’s been around in comic books for ages (literally since the 1960s) and there’ve been quite a few movies made about him. Whether you think of Spidey as Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland or Shameik Moore who voiced Miles Morales in Spider-Man into the Spiderverse, you have to agree that the character is iconic. Even people who have never seen a Spider-Man movie or read a comic, still know who Spider-Man is. But today we thought we’d tell you some things about Spider-Man you probably didn’t know about.

1. He Was Inspired By A Fly

As weird as it sounds, Stan Lee wasn’t inspired by a spider to create the character of Spider-Man. He spent quite a while trying to come up with a new superhero and was inspired by a fly that flew into his office. That’s when it hit him – a superhero that could climb walls, like a fly. It was a brilliant idea, but it took quite a lot of time to come up with a catchy name. For all, we know he could’ve been stick-to-the-wall-man or fly-man, but eventually, Stanley landed on Spider-Man and the rest is history.

He Was Inspired By A Fly |  6 Things You Didn't Know About Spider-Man |  Zestradar

2. He’s Not That Nerdy

In the movies, Spider-Man is always portrayed as a nerdy guy, but in the comic book world, he ditched that nerdy vibe by the 7th issue. He got a girlfriend, he fought bullies, he stopped wearing glasses. In his college years he was quite popular with the ladies.

He's Not That Nerdy |  6 Things You Didn't Know About Spider-Man |  Zestradar
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