5. This Trash Collector Who Saved a 94-year-old Woman With a Broken Back

After Dane Ray Cummings got the call urging him to leave Paradise, the sanitation worker turned his truck around and headed towards the flames to check on elderly residents along his route.

He found 93-year-old Margaret Newsum, who was trapped in her home while recovering from a broken back. He helped her into his truck and drove her out of the flames. Throughout the years, Newsum — who used to sing backup for Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. — had baked cookies and pumpkin bread for Cummmings.

“It wasn’t about being a hero,” Cummings said. “It’s about letting my friends know I could help them.”

6.This Mom Told a Stranger to Save Her Newborn Baby and Leave Her Behind

Hours after giving birth, Rachelle Sanders was told by hospital officials she and her newborn baby needed to leave the hospital. She was able to escape thanks to a stranger named David, who drove her to safety. The trio was forced to reroute multiple times due to flames that were blocking the road. Throughout their frantic drive, they passed Sanders’s home, which was completely destroyed, HuffPo reports.

During their nine-hour car ride through a 20-mile stretch of road, Sanders told the man driving her and her son that if it came down to it, he should save her baby and leave her behind. Luckily all three made it to safety.

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