2. These 6,400 Firefighters Battling The Flames

Thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to put a stop to the fires. Many of them went from fighting one massive fire to another, pushing through exhaustion and the physical toll on their bodies to fight the flames.

“This is our home,” firefighter Ben Holiday told CBS News. “We both, everyone on our task force that we’re on has family here, houses gone and what not, so yeah, this one definitely hit home more than any fire I’ve been on. Hands down.”

“I pulled into our driveway and our house was on fire,” Cal Fire Capt. Joe Chavez said. “That was definitely hard to watch, and there’s still a lot of feelings I need to deal with, with that… I’m just glad to have my family whole, because there’s a lot of families out there that are not whole right now, there’s a lot of people that still haven’t been found… knowing there are people out there that don’t have a family anymore, that hurts.”

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