108 Years Old Woman Never Age A Day Since An Accident

Hi today I am going to explain an American romantic fantasy film called The Age of Adeline. Spoilers ahead, watch out and take care.

The protagonist of the movie is a 29 year old woman named Adeline Bowman. In the beginning, she walks into an apartment and buys a fake ID under a different name. She returns back home to feed her dog, then goes to work. It is a normal day in San Francisco for Adeline, until her coworker hands her archives containing reels of historical events. Adeline excitedly agrees to sort through them and brings the box home.

She sets up a projector and watches videos of the historic times in fascination. It is narrated that Adeline was actually born on January 1, 198. In 1929, she married a young man named Clarence James and only three years later she gave birth to a baby girl, Fleming. Adeline was the happiest she could ever be, but her life turned upside down when her husband died in a tragic accident during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. Ten months after her husband’s death, Adeline was driving to her parents cottage.

That night, snow fell in the otherwise dry Sonoma County, California. Adeline had poor visibility on the road because of the snowfall which caused her to crash into a ravine. Tragically, she died freezing in the water, but something magical happened. Next. She was struck by lightning and brought back to life.

And from that moment onwards, Adeline hasn’t aged a second. As she grew older, she realized she had this unique condition, but thought it was because of a good diet, exercise and simple luck. This is what magazines want us to believe, but it’s not usually true. But as time passed, her appearance at her age became almost abnormal. Her daughter Fleming grew older and the two started looking like sisters as Adeline didn’t age.

One day she is pulled over by a policeman for a minor traffic inconvenience, but the man doesn’t believe she is 45 years old. This makes Adeline realize she cannot live with her condition. Hence she moves to San Francisco, a city where everyone is fake from her suburban neighborhood, to study medicine and research her condition. However, even after a year of research, she acquires little to no information about her condition. She is eventually forced to accept the fact that there is no scientific explanation for why she doesn’t age.

One night, while returning home, she is approached by FBI agents who suspect her of being a spy because of lack of record of residence. They pull over their car by a plane and taking the opportunity, Adeline flees from the place. Starting then, she has always been on the run, moving from state to state and changing her name every few years. It is currently 2014 and Adeline is 106 years old, but neither her appearance nor her health has changed since she was 29. Her daughter Fleming has aged gradually and looks old enough to be Adeline’s mother.

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Currently, she is living as Jennifer Larson and is about to move in seven weeks under a different name. On her 107th birthday, Adeline’s, blindfold Regan, invites her to a New Year’s Eve party. Adeline dresses up beautifully and arrives at a lavish mansion. There she sees decadesold pictures of herself and reminisces about her friends. Adeline meets Regan, who jokes about only younger men liking her, not knowing that she doesn’t age.

While they talk, Adeline locks eyes with a handsome young man across the room named Ellis Jones. They exchange a few glances but do not talk throughout the night. When the clock hits midnight, Adeline is about to leave. When Ellis joins her in the elevator. They introduce themselves and get to know more about each other.

Adeline introduces herself as Jennifer, trying to stay as far away from him as possible. It is clear that Ellis is more interested in her than she is in him. He awkwardly escorts her out and asks her how they can meet again, but Adeline leaves after wishing him a Happy New Year. The following day, she goes to meet Fleming for lunch. The mother and daughter hug and have a happy conversation.

Fleming tells Adeline about her plan to move into a retirement home somewhere far away, which Adeline is not happy about because she wants to stay closer to her daughter. Adeline is nostalgic and wants to see her daughter in diapers again. The next day, Adeline is surprised to see Ellis walk into her work. Ellis has become a stalker in a single day. He has somehow found out where she works and has brought her books as gifts.

This time, he bravely asks her out on a date and seeing the man try so hard, Adeline agrees. Besides, he probably knows where she lives. She asks him to take her to a place she has never been before in San Francisco. Ellis accepts the challenge and takes her to the recently found historic tunnel. An impressed Adeline asks him many questions, but when it’s her turn to talk about herself, she only mentions that she has a dog.

Before leaving, Adeline tells him about her plans to move to a different state soon. Hearing this, Ellis asks her out on a second date and makes her accept it after telling an awful joke. In the following scene, Adeline goes to Ellis apartment for their date. Ellis surprises her again with his innovative dish. The two have a wonderful conversation while drinking wine and listening to jazz music.

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Alice tells her about his father, who is an astronomer and is famous for discovering an unusual comet. He also reveals that the New Year’s party wasn’t when he first saw Adeline. Ellis is somehow still getting creepier. In fact, he had first seen her a while ago sitting near the library in a blue dress and instantly felt drawn to her. The two look into each other’s eyes and move closer to kiss, but Adeline pulls away, refusing to act on her feelings.

She is afraid to be close to anyone since she is always moving and changing her identities. Ellis hides his disappointment and asks her more about herself. His words overwhelm Madeleine and the two finally kiss. The following morning, they wake up on Ellis’s bed as Adeline goes to work. That day, she passes a park and remembers the time a man was waiting for her on the same park bench.

It was her lover from a long time ago who wanted to marry her, but Adeline had to leave him because of her condition. Later, Adeline walks home to her dog lying limp on the floor. She rushes him to the vet and finds out that his kidneys have failed, so it would be best to put him down. Later, Adeline returns home distressed, and looks at an album with the pictures of dogs she has had over the years. This might be the worst thing about immortality.

At night, she is walking to her apartment when Ellis approaches her with a bouquet of flowers. He had left her several voicemails, which she didn’t answer, so he went out of his way to figure out her address from her work. Dear God, Ellis pump the brakes. Adeline informs him about her dog’s death and tells him he shouldn’t have invaded her Privacy. She leaves abruptly after asking him to stay away.

The following day, she meets Fleming again and tells her about Ellis. Fleming advises her mother to let go and live her life for once. Go ahead, mom. Stalkers are cool. Adeline feels sorry for being rude to Ellis the other day and goes to his work to apologize.

The two then go out for a date at night. This time, Adeline takes him to a drive in movie theater from the 60s. She passionately explains the history of the theater to an impressed Ellis. They get in one of the cars and watch the stars drawn on the ceiling. Ellis then invites her for another date to his parents house for their 40th anniversary.

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Adeline agrees on the condition that she will be driving the next day. They drive to Ellis’s parents home and pick up Ellis’s sister Kiki on the way. When the three finally reach there, they are welcomed by Alice’s parents, William and Kathy. As soon as William sees Adeline, he says her name. Adeline is in shock, but corrects him, saying that her name is Jennifer.

The two share awkward eye contact, after which Adeline claims that William must have known her mother. William is visibly shaken, seeing how much Jennifer looks like his old friend Adeline. Hence, he is in utmost shock when Jennifer tells him Adeline passed away a few years ago. After everyone goes to sleep, William pours himself a glass of wine and reminisces about the time he first met Adeline. He was only 26 years old and she was 29 when he helped her fix her car.

The two instantly got along and even though Adeline went by the name Della at the time, she told William her real name, the two quickly fell in love and traveled to America together. It is then revealed that William was the man who was about to propose to Adeline at the park, but Adeline got to know about it and stood him up. She actually loved him but couldn’t risk her secret being out. Back in the present, Adeline cannot fall asleep. At night, over breakfast, William again brings up Adeline and talks about how nice of a person she was.

His face lights up when he talks about her and as he praises her, his wife, Cathy gets up and walks away. William goes behind her to ask her what is wrong and finds out that she feels like a second option to him. After Adeline, he reassures her that he loves her and the two kiss. The day passes and at night the family gathers for a game. They have a tradition of playing a tabletop trivia game that William has a 47 game winning streak on.

As the family talks, Kiki says that the comment William discovered is called Della. The family believes that the name is set after William’s aunt, but Adeline realizes he named it after her. She holds her tears and continues playing the game with the family. She eventually beats William’s record and wins the game, surprising everyone. If he’s surprised now, wait until he finds out what his exgirlfriend is doing with his son.

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