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This Woman Saw A Small Lump Behind Her Ear When Brushing Her Hair And Then It Started To Grow

When one woman found a small lump behind her ear, she was concerned. She took comfort, however, in the fact that doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. But then it began to grow uncontrollably. Antitwigs lives in Fort Stewart, Georgia. She’s married to to a US Army Sergeant and is the mother of seven children.

From the outside, in fact, it seemed like Twigs had the perfect life. But then her world fell apart.

Many years ago, the mom had been brushing her long blonde hair one day when she noticed a small lump behind her right here. Although the mass didn’t hurt, Twigs nonetheless thought that she could get it checked by a doctor. Her physician reassured her that the lump was simply a lymph node. The mound of flesh continued to worry Twigs, however. Over the years.

She Consequently sought the advice of a number of doctors, but they either told her that they didn’t know what it was or that it was harmless. Twigs found that hard to believe, though. As time passed, the lump grew bigger until finally it formed a large mass on the side of her face. The lump subsequently began to affect Twig’s self esteem, but when it first appeared, no one noticed because it was just a small lump. Now if somebody sees it, they gasped, she told TV show the Doctors.

I don’t like when the wind blows. I don’t like going out in public, Twigs added. Just to be seen is hard, and I always keep my head down. I used to go to ball games, and I used to be so outgoing. I don’t want people looking at me anymore.

It’s just changed who I am. Twiggs eventually found a doctor who could diagnose her illness. They told her that it was a parroted gland tumor. The parroted glands are types of saliva glands near the earlobe. Moreover, only 20% of these tumors are malignant.

The doctor still wanted Twigs to see a specialist for a second opinion, though, but an expert on Parat gland tumors proved hard to find. So she contacted the doctors who sent her to Los Angeles to visit the Osborne Head and Neck Institute. It was there she met oncologist Dr. Ryan Osborne and reconstruction surgeon Dr. Jason Hamilton.

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They explained to Twigs that surgery to remove the lump would be dangerous. It was, in fact, a possibility they could damage facial nerves, leading to facial paralysis. Our job working together, is to get the tumor out and make sure your facial nerves are protected, Hamilton explained to Twigs. My job is to come in and make it look like no one was ever there. The experts added that they would do all they could to give Twigs her life back.

We’re looking at you as a whole person, Hamilton added. We want to make you functionally, whole, emotionally whole, and get your family back together so that your kids can have their mum again and your husband can have his wife and despite the risks, Twigs decided to go ahead with the surgery. What’s more, Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Osborne’s nonprofit organization agreed that it would pick up the medical costs, so all Twigs had to worry about was getting better.

Seven years after first discovering her lump, Twigs was finally preparing for surgery. I’m very nervous but also very excited to get it taken up, she told the doctors on the morning of the operation. Twig’s operation was a success, thankfully, and as a result, she couldn’t have been happier. It’s been amazing because now I go to the field, I put my hair up, I watched my daughter, she revealed. I don’t worry if the wind blows, so it’s just changed my life.

After her surgery, however, Twigs received some bad news. Pathologists discovered that her tumor was malignant. The cancer had spread to Twig’s left lung, Moreover, meaning that she would need to undergo further treatment. The tumor that she has is an extremely rare tumor, Dr. Osborne explained.

It’s a tumor that starts off benign and unfortunately, if left to sit too long. Over time changes. Unfortunately, this was something that was benign, that went to something malignant. Now, Twigs just hopes that she can inspire other people to deal with their tumors sooner. There’s been so many people that have the same condition and just like me, they didn’t want to go to the doctor, she said.

Because they said they saw me on the show. I gave them the courage to go. That’s what I would say. If it starts out small, make them do a test. Unfortunately, Twigs later discovered that the cancer had spread to both her lungs.

This meant that her condition was now terminal. She refused to give up hope, however, and sought out alternative treatment in Mexico. So at present, her fight continues. And after spending so long hiding away, Twigs now grabs hold of life with both hands. It’s time to live.

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